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New Photoshop users may be confused by Photoshop’s bells-and-whistles, but they’re part of what makes Photoshop so powerful for digital artists. Here’s a primer on the 16 features of Photoshop that you need to know to make images of any quality.

1. Understand the Layers Panel

In Photoshop, you can save changes to images as layers. Each layer can include a fill and a blend mode; you can have multiple layers, each with its own blend mode.

The layers in this image were created by starting with the original photo, which is in the background, and then adding a box and a striped background.

In addition, you can apply one layer of color over another. Layers are a way to break a photo into distinct elements, like the photo’s background, figure, clothing, hair, and so on. Because Photoshop has a grouped layer feature that lets you see one layer at a time, creating a layered file saves the time of having to make separate files.

You can add different levels of opacity and blending modes to each layer so you can see through parts of the photo while adding a different effect. You can also make selections in each layer for creating effects like cross-hatching or creating edges.

When you save a photo as a layered file, you should save a copy of the original in case you make any changes that need to be undone. By saving a copy of the original you can open it and make changes to it without losing your work.

2. Understand the Gradient Tool

The Gradient Tool (G) is used to create the many gradients that are so popular among artists. The tool has two modes: gradient and pattern. Gradient mode creates a gradient from one color to another, while in pattern mode you can create a pattern.

Gradient Mode

You can choose a range of colors from the color picker that appears as a selection marquee. You can click on the far-right side of the picker for light and click on the far-left for dark. You can also drag the grid.

In addition, there are options to change the types of gradients, such as radial, linear and elliptical, and the gradient will always be perpendicular to the line you drag. For example, a radial gradient will rotate around the gradient line. For that reason, it can be helpful to drag the gradient from a

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20

Key features of Photoshop Elements

High-quality editing tools

Editing tools are tools where you can edit the image’s color and highlight the object, something that you won’t find in most other graphic editors.

In the picture below, you can see that we have a skin tone slider on the Layers panel. In this tool, we can change the color of the user’s skin.

The outline tool on the toolbox (in this case, an oval shape) and the selection marquee tools (in this case, a rectangle).

The Clone Stamp tool

Gradient tool

The Gradient tool

Mask tools

The Brush tool

The paint bucket tool

Panorama tool

Rotate tool

The mesh tools

Smart Brush tool

Trim tool

Smart Erase tool

Cut tool

The Eraser tool

Free Transform tool

The skew tool

Magic Wand tool

Blur tool

The Filter tool

The Smudge tool

Clone Stamp tool

The Spot Healing tool

The Gradient tool

The Gradient tool

The eraser tool

Other Elements



Photoshop is an iconic software among professionals and amateurs, and another alternative to Photoshop is Photoshop Elements, a graphical editor used by various photographers and Photoshop enthusiasts.Adobe Photoshop Elements is aimed at the average user to edit his or her photos and create meaningful content.Photoshop Elements features a lightweight interface and basic editing tools. It includes special features, called elements, that allow you to gain a better understanding of the tool.Elements come in two categories: basic elements that are used by everyone and advanced elements, which are available only to people who have paid subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.Here are some key elements of Photoshop Elements:There are many more elements available but the ones listed

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Pandas Dataframe… “DataFrame object has no attribute ‘head'”.

I am using Pandas to read from a web interface to scrape images from a webpage. There is a table that I am pulling the URLs of. The idea was to get the URLs, and then read the images from those URLs (they are called javascripts). However, when I run the script, it gives the error “DataFrame object has no attribute ‘head'”
I know this is probably because I have a list of dicts in a list, which are the dataframes. However, I am trying to add them to a list, and then convert it to a DataFrame. I couldn’t find any documentation for the head method. I am quite new to Python, and I don’t know how I should do this properly.
urllist = []

for item in soup.find_all(‘a’, href=True):

#add to urllist

#url from html for plotting
url = item.get(‘href’)

#open url with requests, read contents into variable
response = requests.get(url)
#load contents of page into variable
data = response.text
#load contents of “td” tag into list of dicts
td_dicts = BeautifulSoup(data, ‘lxml’)

#create a DataFrame
text = pd.DataFrame(td_dicts)
#creates a list of dicts (DataFrames)
dataframes = [text]

#append urls into list

It gives error “DataFrame object has no attribute ‘head’


Considering my comment in your question, you should try returning the result of your dataframe in a python list (as much as possible, anyway), and then loop over it to write each DataFrame.
This is the modified code for your example:
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from import json_normalize
import pandas as p

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José Hernández (baseball)

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On March 4, 2012, Hernández signed a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels. He was released on July 29, 2012.

Miami Marlins
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On June 27, 2013, the Marlins released him.

San Diego Padres
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