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To learn more about getting up to speed with Photoshop, check out the online tutorial at ``. You can download the Photoshop CS5 Extended tutorial at ``.

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To begin editing an image, you can use Elements’ own viewer, which comes with the program. As an alternative to using the viewer, you can import image files in.PSD,.PSB or.JPG formats, then drag and drop the image into the editor. You can also use the File • Open dialog to open a file. To get started, open the image in the viewer and select Edit • Define Match • Expand, then choose Show Match Settings. The viewer can be used to edit images or create new images from scratch.

Elements lets you edit images in JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF formats and work with a wide range of other image file types.

The document file format is supported in Elements for editing or viewing images.

Unlike traditional Photoshop, Elements does not support native RAW images, so you need to convert them to a.PSD format before saving. You can make minor adjustments to an image in Elements without turning the image into a.PSD file.

In addition to editing, you can also crop, rotate, blur and enhance, all while maintaining the original proportions and internal structure of the image. You can also create web-safe graphics for HTML, CSS and JavaScript by pasting layers into a web graphics file.

A full tutorial on editing in Photoshop Elements can be found on Adobe’s site. This tutorial will cover the basics of Photoshop Elements and highlight specific features.

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Why use Photoshop Elements?

Elements has fewer features than professional Adobe Photoshop software, but it can be used to create any type of graphic you’re accustomed to making in Photoshop.

It is a quick and efficient alternative for graphic designers or photographers who need to edit images in a time-sensitive setting.

Its limited file type support provides an easy option for professional-quality image editing. You can edit a variety of image types, including RAW, without the need to save the files as a PSD or Photoshop format.

Print files in GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and CMYK formats, which are more common than file types supported by Photoshop.

Paste layers into other Photoshop and web graphics formats such as PDF, SVG and

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How to create a docker image for OpenShift, including Python and Django

The official documentation says that OpenShift is installed with CentOS/Fedora, but I haven’t found a Dockerfile to do the installation of CentOS/Fedora.
The official installation procedure uses package manager to get Python 3.4 (Python 3.4.4).
So how to make a Dockerfile to install those packages, including Python and Django?


This is how it currently works, and is intended to be this way.
Technically, Docker could install Python and Django via the method that the docker image provides, which may be a virtualenv, or directly in the container, but they don’t support a way to do that.
You would need to figure out how to setup the Python 3.4 virtualenv yourself.
You would also need to figure out how to tell OpenShift to use that environment.
A couple of ways to do this:

OpenShift cartridge (RS)
Create your own cartridge (RS) that contains both Python3 and Django.

The OpenShift team does not want to allow any way to install Python3 or Django on the base image, because this way someone can easily build a Dockerfile and then distribute it as their own OpenShift component. We want to have a layer of separation between the OS image and the OpenShift cartridge.
The OpenShift team has spent significant time trying to solve this problem, but has been unable to come up with a good solution. The reason is that to support a customized OpenShift image, they need the ability to “do anything”. This means that you need a large number of environment variables, and/or a random collection of scripts. I’ve opened a ticket to address this issue, but it has been closed because I don’t believe there is enough demand for this feature.

Treatment of proven and suspected brucellosis in pregnancy.
To evaluate the effect of treatment on pregnancy outcome and carriage of Brucella abortus in the mother. A retrospective cohort study on 20 women treated for Brucella infection. Data concerning outcome of pregnancy (complications and outcome) and the carriage of Brucella abortus in the mother and in the newborn were retrieved. All women had a successful pregnancy and delivered healthy children. Mean duration of delivery was 38.4 (+/-3.2) days. Miscarriage occurred in 1 woman. There were no cases of preterm delivery and

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Kong: No database connection in POSTMAN

I am developing a REST API using kong. It works fine when I call from the terminal. But there is a problem with the POSTMAN. I am able to use the POSTMAN to connect with the Kong but when I try to upload any image using POSTMAN there is a error like this :
“errors”: [
“message”: “No database connection is configured for this database”,
“class”: “DatabaseConnectionFailedException”,

I have written the below code in the Kong config :
driver: postgresql
max-connections: 100
min-connections: 1

I have read other stackoverflow answers but nothing helped. I tried restarting the Kong multiple times.
Thanks in advance


It seems that the problem might be with Postman itself. I have solved it by creating a new image with Postman and then connecting to the Kong. By the way I am using Postman to connect Kong with my service.

The Golden Age of Comics is returning to San Diego this week, and Marvel and DC have gotten into an extremely silly dispute over some sort of joke rule against giving out free comics to everybody. It’s only fun to see because the comics are only mildly insane, but it might change their business model. Also, there’s a great deal of creative pathos on display.

A supposed “courtesy” of the Marvel Universe decided to tell people that they can’t give away free comics, making it impossible for people to participate in the new Free Comic Book Day. So they posted an explanatory note on Marvel’s own website to explain why.

First of all, the note is entitled “Free Comic Book Day is a Free Day”. This means that the whole premise behind Free Comic Book Day is flawed, and Marvel and DC should just accept

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
OS X 10.7
Minimum 3 GB of RAM
Graphics cards are not compatible with OS X.
Minimum of 80 GB of free space on hard drive
Steam Account
Sellsword II is a fast-paced, action-packed, 2D turn-based strategy game that offers players a unique experience with a new take on the genre. Choose from eight different classes and use your combination of attack and defense to defeat your enemies. The world is in peril, and only your sword can

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