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Disassembles.exe,.386,.com,.cpl,.dll,.drv,.fon,.mpd,.ocx,.vbx and.vxd files and the corresponding Win32 exe/dll that are currently running.

Inspector for.fon,.mpd and.ocx files (with.tga as a separate entry)
Search for strings and data blocks.

Hexadecimal, ASCII, Unicode and binary version with CHex support

Auto-detection of.386,.com,.cpl,.dll,.drv,.fon,.mpd,.ocx,.vbx and.vxd files.

Full desktop integration with sidebar on the right, context menu and Windows key

File and project support

Copy the disassembly result to clipboard.

Supports work with multiple files and project files.

Ability to edit file names and save them at the original file name.

Break on call and unload DLL.

Ability to search for strings in disassembly.

Support for function names for imported and exported symbols.

Insertions can be formatted using the format parameter.

Partial disassembly support. Disassembly and disassembly notes are supported.

Search for strings and data blocks.

Search and replace string blocks.

Hexadecimal, ASCII, Unicode and binary version.

Listing: Byte, Word and Double-precision integers, floating-point numbers.

Support for CHex.

Support for 64-bit systems.

Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese.

Supported files:.exe,.386,.com,.cpl,.dll,.drv,.fon,.mpd,.ocx,.vbx and.vxd.

Supported project files:.vcxproj,.xsdproj,.dproj,.vcproj,.wixproj,.ccproj,.hproj,.vcxproj.

Hexadecimal, ASCII, Unicode and binary version.

Ability to exclude disassembly output text.

Ability to edit file names and save them at the original file name.

Ability to search for strings in disassembly


1.The disassembling interface is easy to use. Just drag & drop your exe or other files on the interface and start to disassemble them.
2.There are many types of assembly languages supported:
x86, x64, ARM, x86_64, arm32, arm64, ppc, ppc64
3.You can attach the 32-bit or 64-bit process to the program
4.Save assembly, created project files and view them
5.You can load 32-bit disassembled executable into your process and execute it.
6.Create project, debug, set break, attach to process, find dll/exe
7.You can export/import dll/exe function
8.You can get disassembly text or table.
9.Search for data in disassembly
10.Search for string data in disassembly
11.Assemble, disassemble in the same window

1.Disassemble any kind of program executable files(.exe,.com,.drv,.dll,.mpd,.ocx,.vbx,.vxd etc.)
2.Finds imports and exports of dll/exe
3.Breakpoint on load/unload dll/exe
4.Jumps and calls
5.Choose between hexadecimal and ascii view.
6.Define fonts, keyboard shortcuts, highlight text, tables.
7.Save disassembly in list or in tabular format.
8.Find function in code
9.Pause disassembly at any instruction
10.Clear disassembled text
11.Quick load of executable
12.Create project for disassembled files
13.Attach disassembled executable to debugger
14.Examine data in disassembled code

1.Disassemble simple exe:
2.Disassemble highly compressed files like:
3.Disassemble dll:

W32DASM With Full Keygen

W32DASM is an easy-to-use and powerful disassembler for 32-bit Windows applications. It is implemented as a very compact standalone dll, written in C and COM-based on the same system-independent API. All files opened by this disassembler -.exe,.386,.com,.cpl,.dll,.drv,.fon,.mpd,.ocx,.vbx,.vxd – are translated into a text file. Besides it is possible to save disassembled file or create project file. As the result you’ll have the ability to open target file in a disassembler with almost the same options as the original editor.
What’s new in this version :
– Polish translation (thanks to TomaszBudka)
– Implemented program settings (thanks to TomaszBudka)
– Many bug fixes and minor improvements
Suggestions and ideas for improvements are welcome, so please write them on support desk! Thank you.
User reviews of W32DASM

Developer: Black Forest Programs
Publisher: Black Forest
New! You can now export project files to the clipboard.
• Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98 SE
• Fully compatible with Delphi.com,.dll,.fon,.vbx,.vxd,.dll,.exe,.mpd,.ocx,.xsd,.vxd and.exe files
• Advanced and rich file search for all supported PE file types
• Easy access to disassembly and strings
• Advanced Hex Editor with 256 colors
• Can be used as a standalone app or a plugin for Delphi
• Small size (~3.4 Mb)
• Very simple and intuitive interface
• New! Ability to open target file in a disassembler with almost the same options as the original editor
• New! Ability to export the disassembled files into a project file in a format easy to open in other applications, such as Borland Embedded Studio, Embarcadero File Inspector, etc.
• Implemented program settings (languages, shortcuts, etc.)
• Now it is possible to compare local and remote files (including files opened in other applications)
• Easy access to functions imported to and exported from the application

What’s New In W32DASM?

W32DASM is a disassembler tool that is released under the MIT License by Amit Prakash Singh. It is based on and derived from a project by Jonathan D. Smith.
The W32DASM project was discontinued in 2010, and the code was then removed from the main tree of DD32 (Disassembler Depot).

Load process (EXE, DLL, OCX, VBX, VXD, MPD, FON, ZIP, RAR, VHD, BIN, SCR) into the disassembler via a standard interface.
Take advantage of W32DASM’s powerful text search function.
Attach process at the current instruction pointer.
Set break on load and unload.
Load and unload 32-bit (stack base 0x800) DLLs.
Take advantage of DLLs in your system’s module list.
Find imported and exported functions using a text search function.
Cull imported and exported functions by import modules.
Assign a name to an imported function or identifier.
Create a project files in the disassembler and save the assembly text.
Create a project file in the disassembler and save the disassembly text.

Insert and edit code from most common text, code, and database editors.
Insert common blocks and macros from most common text, code, and database editors.
Create a new C language project file in the editor by pressing the built-in Project properties dialog box.
Insert a project file from the Disassembler’s Project Files.
Select a debugger or x64/x86 disassembler for Windows.
Insert a project file from the Disassembler’s Project Files.
Create an assembly listing from an assembly source file.
Fix an assembly listing with the utilities provided.
Generate a C header file from an assembly listing.
Create an HTML documentation file from an assembly listing.
Import a project from a compiler project file into the disassembler.
Create a new C/C++ project file from the editor.
Create a project file from a Delphi project file.
Create an Pascal unit from a project file.
Create a template project file from the editor.

Download (32-bit)
Download (64-bit)
Source Code
Source Code and Building Instructions

Win64: drive path

Requires Windows 10 Pro or Windows

System Requirements:

See the official documentation on installation and requirements here:
MacOS 10.9
CPU: 2 GHz
Hard disk: 25 GB
Windows 7 (x86)
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows 10 (x64)

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