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* Apple’s (introduced in Chapter 1) macOS High Sierra and Adobe’s Photoshop CC are the two most popular versions of Photoshop on the Macintosh platform. If you are using a Windows-based PC, look for the Photoshop program that is compatible with your operating system.
* By far the majority of Mac users use Photoshop on the Macintosh platform. Chapter 6 has an introduction to Macintosh Operating Systems.
* Photoshop’s interface is very similar on all platforms.

Figure 3.6 shows a Windows-based PC with Photoshop running.

**Figure 3.6** Photoshop running on a Windows-based PC.

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It has three different uses — an image editor, a slideshow maker, and a basic photo editing tool.

Photo editing features include photo collage, color correction, crop, rotoscoping, touchups, basic retouching, text and vector shapes, color adjustment, filters, and overlays. However, it has fewer features than Photoshop.

Slideshow features include photo templates, slideshow maker, slide show builder and group slideshows.

The software has apps for web and mobile editing.

The app has a library for importing photos, videos, and music to create slideshows. A slider can be added to transition between clips.

The editing features are not as advanced or as responsive as Photoshop’s as the app is meant to be used for fun rather than as a full-fledged professional photo editing tool.

The app includes a bunch of effects and filters, retouching tools, shapes, and overlays.


Here are a few features of the photo editor in Photoshop.

Basic features

Unsplash images can be used as canvas for photo editing. This feature makes it easy to create a ton of images of a certain subject.


You can straighten an image or remove red-eye with the regular tools. But, it is easier to use the lens correction features in Photoshop Elements.

Adjustment layers

A photo with tons of editing tools will appear cluttered. Adjustment layers can be used to add to a photo’s editing with the same tools as the main photo. When you have a photo with a variety of adjustment layers, the same tools will apply to all the layers in the same way as in a regular photo.

Adjustment layers make it easy to clean up a photo in one easy step.

Editing tools

You can use many of the Photoshop editing tools in Elements.


Select an area you want to cut from the photo and crop it.

Crop to an exact shape, if desired, using the crop rectangle options.

Rotate an image using crop or rotate options.

Flip image horizontally or vertically using crop or rotate options.

Contrast and exposure

You can adjust the exposure and contrast of an image, or make the background transparent with the photo tools.

Apply the same adjustments to a photo with layers.


Selecting an adjustment layer’s layer

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1969 Oceana Powerboat Championship

The 1969 Oceana Powerboat Championship was the inaugural season of the Oceana Powerboat Championship. The championship was sanctioned by the FISA (International Sailing Federation) as the first World Championship of Sailing and was held from May 9 to May 28, 1969, on the waters of the Island of Bermuda. The Bermuda Yacht Club was the organizer of the event. Fred MacGregor was the race director.

Starting from May 9 to May 27, 1969, yacht entries were accepted, the first race being held on May 9.

A total of eight events were held, five in Bermuda and three in Kingston, Jamaica. The overall winners were all from the UK, with Mr. Smith (England) and Mr. C. Wiseman (England) with a margin of ten points each in the final standings. The best Bermuda Islander for the season was Albert W. Stowe (Jamaica) with second place for the season, and the best Jamaican Yank was Mr. Blane Edwards (England) who had the best result.

Syd Field (England) won the regatta’s richest race: the International 3,000 meters handicap. This race was a double elimination, and Syd’s boat won by more than three minutes.

In the end, there were 202 entries with a total of 47 boats taking part in eight races.


Daily standings

Leading Boat Distances (in nautical miles)


Category:Oceana Powerboat Series
Oceana Powerboat Championship
Category:1969 in the British Virgin Islands
Category:1969 in Jamaica
Oceana PowerboatRutgers University plans to hold a board meeting tomorrow to consider a $92 million campuswide strategic planning initiative aimed at preserving the school’s top-tier status, current and former officials said Friday.

In particular, the university plans to discuss how best to attract, retain and support more students from historically underrepresented minority groups and high-achieving suburban and regional students, according to the documents.

“Of the university’s flagship missions of educating students, preparing them to be citizens and leaders and uniting all of Rutgers’ students, faculty and staff for the benefit of the state and nation, diversity and inclusion are at the core of ensuring that Rutgers University is a great educational institution,” the document notes.


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JPA and EntityManager setting EntityManagers at runtime

I have an application with a situation where I need to programmatically set which EntityManager will be used for one of its session entities. I want to do it only on production environment (for performance). Basically, the reason I want to do it is because of currentEntityManager.setEntityResolver(…) not being available in this situation.
This is something I tried, and my EntityManager is null. I don’t know what’s the problem here.
The following code is what I’m trying to run:
try {
final int entityManagerID = getEntityManagerID();

final EntityManager entityManager = databasePersistenceService.getEntityManager();
final EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory = entityManager.getEntityManagerFactory();

EntityManagerFactoryBuilder builder = entityManagerFactory.getBuilder();
final StandardServiceRegistryBuilder registry = StandardServiceRegistryBuilder.create();
final StandardServiceRegistry serviceRegistry = builder.applySettings(getConfiguredProfile().getServiceRegistrySettings(entityManagerID)).build();
registry.registerSingleton(PersistenceUnitInfo.class.getName(), new PersistenceUnitInfo(entityManagerID));

// System.out.println(logger.getName());
final Class entityManagerClass = Class.forName(PersistenceUnitInfo.class.getName());

Class driverClass = Class.forName(“org.h2.Driver”);
try {
final Properties properties = new Properties();
properties.put(, properties.getProperty(“”));
properties.put(, properties.getProperty(“password”));

final DriverManagerHolder manager = new DriverManagerHolder();

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AMD Radeon R9 270X
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AMD Radeon R9 260X

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