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2. **Working with a RAW image in Photoshop** : RAW files are uncompressed and unaltered digital images. You can use the RAW file format in Photoshop with a plugin called Photoshop Camera Raw.

For more on the RAW file format, check out the section “Getting your feet wet in RAW files” later in this chapter.

3. **Making adjustments to an image:** Making adjustments with Photoshop is what most people think of when they think of Photoshop. The adjustments you make here are color, exposure, and contrast.

4. **Creating textures:** Texture is the surface of an image that gives it a natural look. People call these textures “seams.” The best time to add textures to an image is when you retouch it later after it’s been shot.

5. **Creating selections:** A _selection_ in Photoshop is an area inside a raster file that you want to keep. When you make selections in Photoshop, they come in a set that include the selection tools. All that’s needed is to select the area inside the raster that you want to keep.

Chapter 2

# Taking Color Photos with a Digital Camera


Getting familiar with the basic steps of picture-taking

Setting focus and exposure with your camera’s automatic features

Creating exposure and color corrections

Understanding the importance of the white balance setting

You may have read in several places that digital cameras allow you to take hundreds of photographs in a single session. _What?_ How can that be? Surely there’s a limit to how many images you can take at once!

You’re not out of luck if you’re the kind of photographer who likes to shoot continuously or who’s got many photos to edit before she’s satisfied. The digital realm gives you lots of leeway to load more images into your camera than you’d ever have time to edit.

## Creating JPEGs: The Standard of Digital Photography

There’s no limit to the number of JPEGS you can take with a digital camera. When you reach the end of the roll, your camera automatically erases the image and begins the process of creating the next one. One of the reasons you’re allowed so many is that the image formats into which the camera saves the images are compressed in some way. The camera’s JPEG format is the most common format for storing images on your camera and for uploading images to your computer. We explore the ins and outs

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Even though it is a free version, Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements come with a significant set of hidden features. A lot of these are web-based and can only be accessed with a specific registration code, which is usually included in the purchased software.

Photoshop has hundreds of third-party extensions, which allow users to perform more powerful actions. Here, we’ll explain why they are useful and how you can get them.

Why do I need Photoshop?

There are a number of basic reasons to start using the world’s most popular graphics editor.

Image Editing

The most obvious reason is to edit an image: changing colors, cropping, smoothing out an image, or even adding filters. You can also sharpen or blur images, but it may take a while for Photoshop to fully process the image and make it sharp.

Adding Graphics

If you are a graphic designer, you can use Photoshop as a placeholder for adding graphics. In some cases, like when you need to put an image in front of another element, you can use Photoshop as a masked layer.

Computer Vision

One of Photoshop’s most powerful features is the ability to see what an image is without actually physically holding the photo in your hands. It is a substitute for the human eye. It can recognize objects and even perform complex operations to edit graphics and photos.

Transferring Files

Using Photoshop, you can transfer files to your computer and from your computer to other web hosting sites without any problems.

Web Design

If you are a web designer, you can design websites and even create graphics on the fly. From editing images to creating the entire design, you can use Photoshop for many things.

Even though Photoshop comes with many features, it is a very powerful software.

Step 1: Opening Photoshop

The very first thing you need to do is to open Photoshop. You can use any program you want, but the most popular is Adobe Photoshop. It is the original Photoshop and is still one of the most popular programs in the world.

You can download a trial version and test it out before you buy a full license. You can even use Photoshop Elements if you only need to modify images without creating websites.

Step 2: Opening Photoshop Elements

If you want to use a basic version of Photoshop, go to Adobe.com and search for Photoshop Elements. You will find the installer and install it. If you want

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(Reuters) – The sudden collapse of a wooden bridge linking the Italian city of Venice to the mainland on Monday evening was caused by “major corrosion” of an 85-year-old metal truss spanning the canal, a regional toll agency said, denying a report that a large truck had caused damage to the bridge.

The bridge, which collapsed sending seven vehicles plunging into the canal, was hit by a large truck that had been missing warning lights and that could have been carrying a cargo such as concrete or cement, the Autoritratto di Stato delle Venezie said in a statement on Tuesday.

The truck was found on Tuesday in a nearby square, but the driver was not present, the statement said.

The collapse sent up a huge cloud of dust as debris from the metal and wooden bridge landed on the roadways. Witnesses described seeing “pieces of wood that looked like logs fly through the air like missiles”, local daily La Repubblica reported.

The collapse on the Ponte delle Tette, which was first reported at 7:14 p.m. (1114 GMT), occurred when the west end of the bridge connecting the right bank of the canal to the mainland collapsed.

“It is a tragedy: a structure of such beauty that provides us with a vital link in the city’s historical center has been reduced to one single piece of debris,” Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said. “Venezia Ciela (Venice Sky) has collapsed. The city has lost a crucial element of its infrastructure.”

A witness told Sky TG24 television that it was “a terrible and amazing moment”.

“I have just had my photos taken. I have just seen the collapse,” he said.

The Autoritratto di Stato delle Venezie said an inspection of the bridge concluded it was “completely rotten, such that we have already begun a process of clearance of the area”.

“The bridge has been damaged by major corrosion of the steel trusses spanning the canal, which has resulted in the progressive weakening of the structure in a way that can be attributed to

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