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Photoshop is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and iOS. Free versions are available for the Mac, Windows, and iPad. Figure 1-1 shows an example of a Photoshop file.

**Figure 1-1:** A typical Photoshop file.

Finding your way around Photoshop

You can do more than reshape a photo with Photoshop; you can create and manipulate every single aspect of an image — including layers, objects, brushes, and paths.

Here are some terms to watch for as you’re getting started with Photoshop:

Layer: A layer is a way to organize objects and text in a document.

Object: An object is just what it says it is — an item you want in the image. Anything you draw, paint, shape, or label — including layers — can be an object in the image.

Brush: A brush allows you to draw fine lines or paint on a background. A Photoshop brush is based on an ordinary paintbrush — a tool that comes with any good-quality paintbrush. You can easily buy your own brushes from your favorite online retailer.

Path: A path is a kind of graphic vector, in which you draw a straight line that defines a shape. You can make a path using the Pen tool or the selection tool.

You can resize, rotate, flip, crop, and move objects, paths, and layers, and even edit colors, text, and shapes. You can even add text or text frames to an image, if you use a text editor.

Once you’ve been Photoshop for a while, you may find you already know how to do all these things — in that case, this book may be a little boring to you. But it’s important to start the basic tutorials to familiarize yourself with the tool.

When I’m referring to Photoshop in this book, I’m generally referring to the older versions. However, many of the Photoshop concepts work on the newer versions as well. (In fact, I use Photoshop CS6 throughout the majority of the book.)

Introducing Photoshop Elements

In the following sections, I introduce you to the screen of a basic version of Photoshop and take you through some of its editing features. You may come to see elements of Photoshop on your computer screen. Elements takes that basic shape and gives you more options for editing images.

Getting Photoshop Elements

You can download the CS5 version of Photoshop Elements for a modest fee ($69.99

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1. Selection tool

The Selection tool is the starting point for any editing process. You select an area of the image you want to work with. There are plenty of tools to modify the selection such as Brush or Magic Wand. You can also edit your image without using a tool.

2. Paint Bucket

Paint Bucket is a brush that lets you paint with a color or fill the image with black and white. It can also be used to erase unwanted pixels. It is one of the fastest ways to edit images. The Brush tool is very versatile and can be used to create a variety of effects.

3. Dodge and Burn

The Dodge and Burn tool allows you to edit an area of the image. You can apply a lighter or a darker effect to the area. The tool can also combine multiple colors into one.

4. Levels

The Levels tool allows you to adjust the mid-tones of the image. You can lighten or darken an area of the image by using the settings on the bar.

5. Quick Selection

Quick Selection is a tool that lets you select an area of the image quickly. If the area you select contains more than one object, it will select the object with the lowest contrast.

6. Zoom

Zoom lets you zoom in and out of the image. By default, you can zoom in as close as 0.1 percent, which means that 100 percent zoom is 0.1 percent.

7. Eraser

The Eraser is a tool that can create a variety of effects on the image. By holding the Alt (Option) key, you can activate the Eraser brush or tool. You can erase pixels, cut edges and create outlines and shadows.

8. Crop tool

The Crop tool lets you crop and resize the image in a variety of ways. The tool will then create a new background. You can then fill the background with your preferred color. This will create a new area of the image that you can use to crop the photo. To remove the background, you will have to duplicate the area and then you can erase it from the new crop.

9. Shadow and Gradient

Shadow and Gradient tools are very useful for adding a shadow or gradient effect to an image. If you hold the Shift key when you use the tool, you will have more control on the gradient’s effect. The Shadow tool is just a variation on

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What’s New in the?

If you want to customize a brush, you can create a new brush, either by using the Brush Preset dialog box or by choosing a preset brush from the Brush Preset Select dialog box.
Create a new brush by clicking the Brush icon on the Tools panel. (See the bottom of Figure 15-1 to find the icon.) The Brush dialog box is displayed.
1. 2. Click the brush icon.
2. 3. Click New Brush to open the Brush Preset Select dialog box, as shown in Figure 15-2. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the dialog box to select the Brush Preset from which you want to create a new brush, as shown in Figure 15-2.

Figure 15-2: Choose the brush type, size, and hardness of your brush.

4. **In the Size field, enter the brush size**.
5. **In the Bristle field, enter the density of the bristles that make up the brush**.
6. In the Hardness field, enter the softness of the brush’s bristles.
7. In the Blending field, either use the standard settings or enter a custom blending mode (best described in Chapter 9, if you haven’t already).
8. In the Angle field, set the position of the bristles in relation to the foreground. For example, if the brush is supposed to be used as a highlight or an outline, you may want the bristles to face directly to the left or the right.

9. **Click OK**.

Brushes are also great for creating custom blends. Figure 15-3 shows two brushes used to create the results shown in Figure 15-4. In Step 3 below, I’ve created two different brushes. One brush has soft bristles, while the other brush has hard bristles.

Figure 15-3: Photoshop provides a wide variety of brushes that you can use in your images.

Figure 15-4: Blends are used in two different ways. Compare the light-toned hair with the much darker hair.

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