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# Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop Lightroom is a photo management program. You can think of Photoshop Lightroom like the software version of your smartphone or tablet. It organizes your photos into albums, similar to your phone or tablet, and gives you complete control over edits. It’s a great way to organize your photos and offer more options than the built-in Organizer in Photos.

In Chapter 3, I cover how to use Lightroom to edit and organize your photos.

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On macOS, version 15.3 of Photoshop Elements is the most recent version. However, the Windows version is the most recent one. Versions for iOS are due to be released in 2020.

The following features are available in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019.

Full support for RAW image editing — The RAW image editing workflow is more straightforward with Adobe Photoshop Elements because there are no predefined options.

More accurate color management — The new Adobe Camera Raw user interface is intuitive and more precise.

Remastering is faster — Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 remastering is faster than it has ever been.

Adjust and correct exposure more easily — Adobe Photoshop Elements has an improved exposure tools that let you get more accurate adjustments and more precise corrections.

Adjust image and photo size — There is an image size viewfinder, plus the ability to view, copy, or share an image in its original size.

See and sort layers with a single click — You can quickly and easily switch between layers, with a single click on the Layers panel.

Curve and levels adjustment tools for a better way to fine-tune your images — Adjusting contrast, tones, and colors is much faster and more precise.

Make adjustments as you view — You can view images in their actual size to make adjustments easily in Photoshop Elements.

And much more — You can export to JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, and PDF formats, and save a web-optimized version of your image.

How can you get the best results with Photoshop Elements?

To get the best results with Photoshop Elements, use the following tips:

Choose the best settings from the Basic panel — Make sure that you use the best settings for your image and your lighting. For example, make sure that you adjust your white balance appropriately and make sure that your contrast setting is correct.

Apply the best settings — Since Adobe Photoshop Elements integrates the Adobe Camera Raw user interface, you can easily use the full range of Adobe Camera Raw settings to get the best results.

Organize your image using the Essential panel — Use the Essential Panel to organize your image files. You can edit, duplicate, or move any number of folders in Photoshop Elements.

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Piping Time: The best time of the day to beat the heat


Jul 18, 2012 at 12:01 AM

A new study has found the best time of the day to beat the heat

Joseph Olson

A new study published on the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Journal has found the best time of the day to beat the heat.

The study examined the air temperature and humidity across the entire United States in order to map heat-health conditions. The study also looked at the temperatures inside and outside, as well as the humidity.

“Our research shows that it is best to avoid heat waves when temperatures are lower outside than indoors, and that in most regions of the United States, the best time of the day to avoid heat-related health problems is in the morning, when the outdoor temperatures are cooler than inside,” says the study’s lead author, Dr. Steven Noll, from the Department of Preventive Medicine in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minn.

The study showed that during a heat wave, conditions are less favorable for avoiding health effects. “That does not mean it is impossible to fight off the heat in some regions, as it is still possible to have sufficient water, shade and air conditioning,” he says.

“However, people should know that going from being uncomfortably hot inside to being uncomfortably hot outside may lead to health problems,” he says.

The best time of the day to avoid heat-related illnesses is from noon to 3 p.m., when temperature and humidity is at its lowest, and temperatures inside the home are cooler than outdoors.

During the hottest part of the day – noon to 3 p.m. – the difference in air temperature between the inside and outside of the house is the least favorable. This is because during this time, both the temperature and humidity are at their highest, making it hard to cool people down.

As an alternative, people should use air conditioners or fans to keep themselves cooler, if available.

“Even though the air conditioner will cool you down, it won’t protect you from getting heat stroke if you are sweating too much,” says Noll. “Instead, it is important to drink plenty of fluids.”

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What’s New In?

Into the Light

For the past few months I have really been into my light-bending or “artistics” lately. I am inspired by it as it allows me to use my imagination to create the light and shadows as I create my artwork. In the early part of my artistic life, my focus was on the “linear” arts where the image is mostly flat. I would ink, paint, collage, scratch or glue onto paper, canvas or other surface. I learned many of the old-school techniques from my master, and learned how to present my work in a professional manner. Of course now I have an affinity with digital arts so I am finding it fun to learn the new tricks of the trade so to speak. When I look at light-bending art, I instantly recognize the influence of Japanese prints and calligraphy.

Although I enjoy printing my own original artworks on paper or canvas, I have not yet tried printing on glass. I had seen that David Rubenstein had done some glass etching and asked him about it on his YouTube channel and he referred me to a few folks who do the same sort of art. One of the best things about these light-bending techniques is that there is a lot of room for experimentation and learning – some prints work, some don’t. After I make a print, I move on to another technique. Some of the artists I admire have done only 2 or 3 of each print. Now, my main focus is learning how to incorporate the light patterns I create into my oil paintings.

Most art museums and galleries have a permanent collection of art and many of the artists who have great works are the professors and artists who are teaching their courses. Some galleries and dealers hold juried shows where other artists submit works for consideration. For example, the Utah Art Museum (UAM) has a Winter Art Show where they invite juried artists from Utah to show their work. There are other art shows that have different goals as well. Some are private shows, some are held at the same time as other art events, some are juried, some are not.

Looking through the work of the artists who are teaching at UAM, my eye is caught by this one:

I thought that the title, text and artist worked so well with the work of light-bending that I set about designing some prints and then chose three different artists who would be a good fit for each. In the box on the right

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Windows 10 is required
Required hard disk space: 5 GB
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Game Library
Game Introduction
‘OVERWATCH’ is a next-gen first-person shooter game that delivers cinematic gameplay and extraordinary graphics, powered by a brand-new gaming engine that redefines the experience of full-throttle, high-speed, competitive play.
In the FPS genre, ‘OVER

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