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Here are some tips and best practices to help beginners get the most out of Photoshop. You don’t need to know how to use every feature to become a Photoshop user.

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1. Use the Undo Tool

Use Undo to go back in time when using Photoshop. Select the command Undo, or click the Undo button in the tool bar, to make changes to your image. Use the tool when you’re in a tight spot to pause and think about what you’re about to do. It’s easy to accidentally make changes by mistake, which means that using Undo is often a good practice to get used to.

One disadvantage of using Photoshop’s Undo tool is that you cannot undo a step before it, such as undoing a clone or layer effect. For this reason, it’s best to always use Undo before applying effects or editing an image in general.

2. Create a Master Copy of an Image

Depending on how large your image is, it could take a while to save an image from Photoshop to your computer. While you’re in Photoshop, rather than saving your image, press CTRL-C. This will copy your image to the clipboard. Then, click File and then File | Save, and select Save as. Use a location on your hard drive that you’re not likely to see files saved to, such as in the Desktop folder, Downloads folder, or Pictures folder. In the Save as dialog box, select Adobe Photoshop Extended 12. Click the Browse button, and navigate to the location you chose. Select a name and location for the file, and press Save. You can then open this copy as a new layer to create edits to the original image or use it as a template to create multiple images with in a sequence.

3. Organize Layers

When working with layers in Photoshop, you can organize them in a folder on the Layers panel. Layers can be placed on top of other layers or images, so it’s helpful to think about where you want your new layer to appear in the file. Photoshop CS5 and earlier versions did not have many layers to choose from, so it’s easy to find yourself creating a new layer over an original layer. Rather than creating a layer every time you want to insert a new element, think about how you would like your image organized so you can navigate to

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In this list, we’ll teach you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images and make memes.

You can download Photoshop Elements on this link (for full version)

1 – Click and drag to resize the selection

Click anywhere on your photo and drag the edges of the selection box up or down.

2 – Double-click to enlarge the selection box

After selecting, you can double-click anywhere on the selection box to enlarge it in size.

3 – Use the Magic Wand tool to select your subject

Type ‘Magic Wand’ in the search bar and press enter.

Click on any color in your image (black, blue, red, yellow or gray) and then click anywhere outside the selection. The photo will change to a selection box.

Tip – You can also go to Select > Modify > Magic Wand and click the option “on-thesurface” to select the item (like a text, picture or logo) on the surface of the photo.

4 – Use the Paint Bucket tool to remove the unselected areas

Select the Brush tool and hold down the Shift key to select any color in your image. Then, click the Paint Bucket tool, and hold the Ctrl key down. Then, click and drag the tool on the photo until only your selected area remains.

5 – Use the Eraser tool to remove small, white spots

Select the Eraser tool and hold the Shift key down. Click on the spot you want to remove and drag the tool. You can also select a selection from the Eraser tool.

6 – Use the Clone Stamp tool to fix small blemishes and color changes

Select the Clone Stamp tool and hold the Shift key down. Click and drag on the photo until the texture is exactly what you want.

7 – Use the Healing Brush tool to fix the most common photo defects

Select the Healing Brush tool and hold the Shift key down. Click and drag around the area you want to fix.

8 – Use the Color Variations tool to create new colors

Select the Color Variations tool and hold the Shift key down. Click and drag on the photo until you have a number of colors you like.

9 – Use the X-Ray tool to remove unwanted objects

Select the X-Ray tool and hold the Shift key down. Click and drag around the object you want

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