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* _Adobe Photoshop Elements_ is a DVD or CD that includes the core tools needed to perform basic image editing tasks. It is compatible with the popular Windows XP operating system.
* _Adobe Photoshop CC_ is the current version of the software and costs $400 per year. It is meant for use with both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The newest version of Photoshop is available from the Adobe website. The Photoshop website has additional information about the software and how to use it, as well as tutorials.

The following sections show how to quickly and easily perform common image editing tasks. You can even customize this program.

## Understanding Layers

Photoshop’s _layers_ allow you to insert graphics into images. Layers also give you the flexibility to combine layers together in different ways, which make a composite, or layered, image. Although any of the picture-editing functions in Photoshop can be performed on a single layer, layered composites require different editing techniques that Photoshop provides.

The following sections introduce Photoshop’s basic layers and show you how to use them to easily create multilayered images. In the following sections, I demonstrate the basics of how to create images using Photoshop layers.

## Using Layers

You can add, modify, and remove layers to change the overall appearance of a photo. You can add, modify, and delete these layers until you get a desired result, and then you can duplicate them to create more layers.

In Figure 4-1, I start by creating a new document. To do this, choose File⇒New. At the bottom of the New Document dialog box, you see New Document. In the New Document dialog box, click the Create a New Document icon (or press Enter).

FIGURE 4-1: Use the New Document dialog box to create a new image.

Now you see the New Document dialog box shown on the left in Figure 4-2. Here, I have set my default filename to `catfish` and have also chosen `Standard RGB` as the color mode.

You can use other color modes, including CMYK, LAB, and Grayscale. The new document window, shown on the right in Figure 4-2, allows you to set file size, resolution, color mode, and so on. When you’re ready to create a new document, select the option that you prefer by using the down arrow on the right side of

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Photoshop Elements is not good for graphics designers or power users, but it’s perfect for hobbyists and other people who do not need to edit a lot of pictures at the same time.

Here are some Photoshop Elements tricks and tips:

1. Master Cropping and Healing

One of the most common actions that Photoshop Elements users perform on their pictures is cropping.

The most obvious reason for cropping is to remove unwanted elements, for example, the background or the horizon. Most photo editors are aware of this and even offer this kind of functionality.

But there’s a more useful reason for cropping:

Cropping your picture to a perfect size makes it easier for you to apply common image editing effects like, for example, brightness or color correction.

Additionally, cropping pictures and removing unwanted elements makes your pictures easier to be printed.

So, as you can guess, Photoshop Elements offers a very similar cropping functionality.

Do you remember that on most photo editors you can crop your pictures using the Crop tool?

Well, this tool in Photoshop Elements works almost the same. You can use it to crop your picture to any size you want. Simply drag the tool near the picture and that’s it!

There’s another, slicker and more functional way to crop your pictures.

When you have both horizontal and vertical guides enabled, you can simply select the guide you want and click-and-drag the picture as close to that guide as possible.

Just like that, you can easily crop pictures to perfect sizes without any extra actions or tools.

How about cropping one of your pictures to a certain size? It’s easy. In Photoshop Elements you can apply cropping to multiple pictures at the same time by clicking the Crop button and selecting a few pictures in the dialog.

If you want to adjust the position and size of the crop window, you can right click on any of the guides, choose Edit Guides and choose the guides you want.

However, if you want to remove unwanted elements from the picture, you’d need to go back to the crop tool and crop it manually.

For the same reason, you cannot apply any of the image editing effects like brightness or color correction to your pictures when they are in the Crop window.

That’s where the so-called Healing tool comes to

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