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Be careful when you read Photoshop tutorials; you may find good advice, but tutorials tend to be very simple. Reading a guide book or even just trying to figure things out on your own is usually a better way to go.

Before you get started, make sure you have Adobe’s Photoshop CS2 software installed so you have access to all its features. You can find help and tutorials for those features at Adobe.com.

Setting Up the Image

You need to import a digital image into Photoshop. This requires placing the image on your hard drive. If you don’t have an image, you can take a screenshot of what you want to do with Photoshop. If you have the original image, it is very easy to change the image dimensions. You can crop and resize an image or do other editing.

Importing a new image

Photoshop’s File menu provides commands to import an image from the hard drive or from your Clipboard. The Import Image command is on the File⇒Import menu and is the most direct path to what you want to do.

The following sections explain more about importing, but it is best to try things first on a new image to avoid the frustration of trying things on an image you have already opened.

If you are new to Photoshop, it may be hard to get used to opening new documents with a closed window. Before you begin a new image, open the image you want to work on, clear the screen, and save it. This is useful if you want to work on a different image every day.

Copying an image from your Clipboard

You can also import a new image into Photoshop by copying it from your Clipboard. If you have the image selected, you can paste it into a new document by pressing Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac OS). You can also paste an image into a Photoshop project, a group of images, or a folder. Photoshop makes it easy to place an image in a folder by including a special mark on the image that makes it easy to find. Figure 2-3 shows a low-quality saved image on the Clipboard.

**Figure 2-3:** You can move a selected image from the Clipboard into a new image or place it in a folder.

Pasting an image from a folder

You can also import an image into Photoshop by pasting it from a folder. To paste from a folder, follow these steps:

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You’ve got a good start in your quest for excellent graphic designer skills. You have installed Photoshop. You have an idea of what to do next. Now how do you see yourself becoming an advanced graphic designer?

The answer to this question is a complicated one, but there are some basic elements of graphic design that all designers must develop. You’ll need to master essential design concepts to become a highly competent graphic designer.

This overview of the essentials will help you to clarify your goals, and set you on the path to mastery. And, it helps you see how easy you have it. (Remember: Easy.)

Content. The first thing you’ll need to learn is content. How do you create an eye-catching image? It takes content. Without solid content, your design is going to look like a lot of nothing.

Things like the shape of a body. A straight rectangle, a circle, an X, or a swirly-shaped letter. When you use images from the Internet or from your own library, you can use these shapes to communicate your ideas clearly.

The shape of an object. The size of a body, the shape of a tail, or a bowl.

The alignment of an object. A strong and balanced alignment is attractive. Without alignment, your design will look off-kilter.

Texture. Your design can be as simple as a plain, unstructured background or the addition of a texture. A texture can add interest by having a specific, consistent pattern to the design. This tutorial on the essential elements of design gives a detailed introduction to textures.

Color. A designer must have a good knowledge of color and color choices. An inexperienced designer tends to over-use colors or select colors that have nothing to do with the message he or she wishes to communicate.

Organization. You need to be able to manage large amounts of content. If you are looking for a job as an ad agency’s graphic designer, you’ll need to know how to quickly and accurately organize your design.

Visual hierarchy. Every design must have a plan and a reason for its presence. If your design is unique, you must be clear that it is different, not just a cheaper version of the same design. You should have a clear purpose for your image.

Longevity. You should take into account how your design will look more than a few years from now, and

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City and Region of Plymouth

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The City and County of Plymouth was proclaimed on 31 August 1996, when the three government councils which at the time were covering the area of the current council, merged to cover a larger area, and one of the new councils was named the City of Ceduna, which is the first city in South Australia. The new council was renamed as the City and County of Plymouth on 27 May 1999.



Beyers Road
Mount Cadell
Mount Hesse
Mount Remarkable
Mother Brook
North Ceduna
Roaring River
The Terrace
Victoria Centre


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How to cleanly replace an icon file’s exe with a compressed version

As part of a post deployment script, I’m automating the creation of an executable from a.ico file. I need to modify the icon as well. I’ve tried gconftool-2 -t /apps/metacity/general/icon_name -s ‘%U’ /path/to/icon_file.ico, and that works as intended, but it doesn’t work when the icon file is compressed.
Is there a single command to recompress an icon file from within the window manager (i.e. not have to redownload the compressed file, but to just decompress the icon file to its exe form and then reinstall the exe)?


I downloaded a tarball of the icon, extracted it with tar, then modified the exe file with a text editor.
What I did was:

Extract the compressed file, normally any tarball is extracted by the command:
tar -xvf

In the terminal, cd to the extracted directory and run the following command:
find./ -type f -size +100k -exec compress -k1 -Z{} \;

Compress the found files with the following command:
compress –force-v7 –fast –syms –format=bzip2 -9 –compression-method=lzma -c /*.ico

The executable was created by running the above command and compressed into a.xz archive.

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We now turn to the question of whether there was prejudicial error in the trial court’s failure to charge on the defense of entrapment. There were no requests to charge on this issue, and the trial judge would have been compelled to charge as requested if no objection had been made. F.R.Cr.P. 30, 18 U

System Requirements For Photoshop Elements Download:

DirectX 11
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 1.4GHz Processor
Memory: 1GB RAM
OS: Windows 10
Processor: 2.5GHz Processor
Memory: 2GB RAM
OS: Windows 8
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