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* **After Effects**. AfterEffects (``) is a popular 3-D animation program made by Adobe. While AfterEffects and Photoshop are two different programs, they operate with similar ways. They both modify images in the same way that they are executed in the programs. These programs are perfect for 3-D graphics and many animation jobs.
* **Flash**. Adobe Flash (``) is an interactive multimedia production tool. With Flash you can build animated and interactive websites, video games, and applications. The latest version of Flash is called Flash CS6, which has integrated tools for creating graphics and combining them with motion. Like Photoshop, Flash CS6 is a very robust and well-tested tool.
* **Google Sketchup**. The most popular free version of 3-D modeling software is Google Sketchup, which can be used with Google Earth (` Even if you’re not a Sketchup user, you might want to try it out anyway. It allows you to build models and create 3-D images. The program costs nothing. You can download it at ``.

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It is a simple application and can be worked through quickly.

This tutorial is intended to go from absolute newbie to being able to edit photos with ease. In this tutorial I will not be editing any complicated transformations, rotating or flipping, and the only file being used is a jpg. While I will be covering the different features, I will be saving a lot of time by not showing you the fastest way to do the same thing.

You can see my other tutorials for more advanced editing and creative techniques:

How to Convert from RAW to JPEG with Adobe Camera Raw

How to Retouch Photos in Photoshop Elements

How to Work with Selections and the Crop Tool


It is recommended that you load this tutorial onto a USB so that you can see and follow along. You can always save it to your computer as a file, but you can only run one at a time.

From the application file menu, select New

Once you have done this, you will be brought to your Welcome Screen.

You are going to be using the “Welcome to the Elements Editor” text box that is located beneath the canvas. You will also be able to close and rename documents by using the buttons located at the bottom left of your screen.

On the left side you will see the basic tools. Some of these you may already be familiar with, but some may be different. Most of the settings are related to the basic tools. For example, if you do not have brightness, color, levels, colorize, etc, it is likely that a basic image adjustment will not make much sense. Those tools are located to the right of the basic tools. There is one tool that I think you should familiarize yourself with before moving on to the different features.

The new tool will ask you for two things. You will need to decide if you want to add a white point or black point by placing the cursor over the “white” or “black” boxes. If you have not figured out how to use a colored fill or brush yet, you can learn how to do this in the next tutorial. However, if you want to use the color picker, use the white box. If you want to use the black box, use the black box. Once you have done this, click anywhere to add the white or black point.

Since you added a white or black point, you will

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“The application” entered the wrong code into the wrong text box

The application which I am developing right now has a couple of text boxes, one text box is for user to enter in a code to apply a discount when they buy a product. When the user entered in the code on the discount page it resulted in the number on the page to move to the other page.
The problem is, on the other page it is completely fine and everything looks okay, on the first page which the user entered in the wrong code, it only goes to the last box on the page.

There is no error messages shown and the program runs as intended but it just doesn’t pick up and go into the other box.
Here is my code that handles when the user clicks “checkout”:

What’s New In?

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