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What is a nondestructive editing tool?

It’s pretty simple: It’s a tool that doesn’t permanently modify the original image, or _skew_ your image.

Photoshop and Illustrator both use nondestructive editing. You can modify the original photo or drawing without the fear of recreating the same, potentially disastrous, effect on the photo.

## Improving Your Studio’s Design Needs

You need a good set of tools that will work in harmony with you to create your intended image or illustration. Here are the tools that you want to look for in a graphics design program:

**Separate function layers:** Separating the functions on a specific program makes it more user friendly because you can only modify one function at a time and not have to worry about the rest of the layers and functions.

**Good keyboard commands:** The keyboard is usually your friend, and using good keyboard commands speeds up your editing time.

**Good selection tools:** You need good tools for selecting and cutting out or pasting in various parts of the image to make your design come together.

**Good color and transparency tools:** You need a good tool for creating and editing colors and transparency, because most of the image adjustment or creation will be done on a color layer.

**Good editable text and type tools:** Your selection tool is probably the most used tool in the process of creating a design because you need to be able to cut a selection out of your image or place type inside the image. Having a set of tools that allow you to customize the type is a plus.

**Good image-printing tools:** A good program needs to have tools and processes for printing and exporting images so that they can be sent to a shop or printed at home.

In addition, you want a program that offers several features, such as the ability to scale and resize images, crop images, and create a transparent background, and hopefully, printing. See the following list of features to

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These instructions are applicable to all versions of Photoshop Elements. You can download a trial version at the link below and read the free tutorial here or install Photoshop Elements.

1. How to Delete and Create Files in Photoshop Elements?

Create a new document and name it “New File”; Import an image into this new document by selecting “Image” from the File menu. Keep this image as a “backup” or “working file”.

Now, click on the “Edit” menu at the top and select “Create a New Layer”. A new canvas will appear on the screen. Click on this canvas to open the new canvas.

If the image is fairly large, it will show a dialog box asking if you want to merge the image into a new document. Select “Yes” or “No” and click OK to close the dialog box.

Now, drag the new layer from the screen and drop it into the empty section of the main canvas. Click the “Position” button to resize the new layer and drag it to the top of the main canvas. The new layer will fill the area of the main canvas (and you can use the “Position” button to move it anywhere in the main canvas).

Select the “Move” tool from the bottom of the Tools menu and drag and drop the new layer on the main canvas. Press the “Ctrl” key to use proportional editing, and drag the new layer to move it around. Now, select the “Edit” menu again and select “Fill”. You will see the white box appear at the top of the main canvas. Fill this white box with black so that the layer is black.

Now, select the “Filter” menu at the top and select “Blur”. Choose Gaussian Blur (or nearest). Set the amount to 0 (zero). Now, select the “Filter” menu again and select “Sharpen”. Set the amount to 0.5. The layer should have a stronger shadow. You can add a second layer and drag and drop to the screen to add a second shadow.

Press the “File” menu at the top and select “Save”. Click OK in the dialog box. The image will be saved on the Desktop as a

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Bristol City are “intensely proud” of sealing their promotion to the Premier League after overcoming Reading in the Championship play-off final.

A 2-1 win after extra-time at Wembley on Wednesday meant City took the bragging rights and will move up to the top flight after 36 years, with Steven Caulker opening the scoring for the Grecians before Jay Bothroyd equalised with a volley.

Randy Lerner’s Reading held on to win a penalty in the first half – which Ashley Williams saved from Joe Bryan – before Tom Lees’ 20-yard effort gave them hope with 15 minutes remaining, but the Championship leaders held firm to win a second Wembley appearance.

By winning the play-off final, City became the first team from the second tier of English football to reach the top flight.

“It’s such a surreal feeling,” said captain John Guidetti, who had played at this stage of the competition with his former club Derby County.

“I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know how it would feel, but I was confident we were going to be up there. It’s just been an absolute dream.

“From the start of the season, this was the target – to get in the Premier League. We played some of the greatest football I think I’ve ever seen to beat Birmingham and then Derby, and then we did it again.

“It’s been incredible. I’m still in shock. I’m so proud, so proud.”

Lerner sent a clear message to the one man in the stadium who was not celebrating at the end of what was a hugely successful season for the American billionaire – Claudio Ranieri.

The Italian was dismissed last month and the Reading boss was given a six-month ban after refusing to answer questions at a hearing at the Football Association.

After the game, Lerner said: “It’s a joke. He’s been removed from the game and it’s just unbelievable that he’s still there.

“The FA and the English Premier League… it’s a joke. He’s disrespectful to the game. He should have no business being there.”

That came after Lerner had criticised the FA for not suspending Ranieri after he was alleged to have made discriminatory comments towards a female journalist during the FA Cup third-round win over Aston Villa.

“My questions is

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