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Did you know you can print the results of Photoshop actions? Just right-click a layer, choose Print, and click OK. The action will run, and you’ll then be presented with a print dialog asking you to confirm.

# How to Use Adobe Bridge

Whether you want to print, create PDFs, work with slideshows, or you

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

Paid Upgrade to regular Photoshop


Support for international language groups

Adobe Photoshop Elements is offered in 3 editions:




The image above is the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 editor window.

Adobe Photoshop Elements editor window. The default is to use the viewer, which is excellent, but if you prefer to work in the editor window you can do so with the following steps:

1. Open Photoshop Elements.

2. Click to open the Editor Window (ESC)

3. Click the Viewer icon to open the editor window (ESC).

The editor window has many features and aspects which are described in the below sections.

Most of these items can be adjusted by using the window’s controls. Click the tab buttons in the control bar in the bottom to change the viewing mode.

Each window has its own controls. Controls for window switching and zoom are on the left of the screen. Controls for navigating around the image are on the top. Controls for navigating around the image are on the top.

The following sections describe the interface in detail.


The top row contains all the tools in the tool box. You can click them to use them or drag them onto your image to use them. You can use the tab buttons in the control bar to change the viewing mode.


Photoshop Elements can read Adobe Creative Suite Creative Cloud or Lightroom metadata.

Metadata controls

You can edit an image’s metadata if you place your cursor over the image. The button on the screen display the button on the top left corner of the image. You can select Edit All, Edit Selected or Stop Editing. You can select Edit All to see all the metadata.

The Edit Metadata option is greyed out when you select an image.

The program will not allow you to delete metadata.

The metadata feature is similar to Lightroom metadata. The button on the top of the screen is similar, but grayed out when you select a file. If you want to view all the metadata:

1. Click the Info button.

2. Drag your cursor over the image.

3. Hold down the CTRL key while clicking.

4. This will highlight the image and Info Button.

5. Press the Enter key.

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Specificity of pseudouridine-base-transfer RNAs. Enzymic cleavage of uridine and cytidine residues of pseudouridine-base-tRNA by the Pseudouridine Synthase of Escherichia coli.
The Pseudouridine Synthase enzyme of Escherichia coli, which catalyzes the posttranscriptional addition of pseudouridine to several tRNAs, catalyzes cleavage of the 2′-hydroxyl residue of uridine in pseudouridine-base-tRNA as well as that of cytidine in pseudouridine-base-tRNA (T.Y. Kitamoto, R. Kumamoto, and M. Nagasawa, Biochemistry 13, 3102, 1974) as the only detectable minor activity. It is shown that uridine cleavage does not occur in the presence of three pseudouridine-base-tRNAs, tRNATyr, tRNATrp, and tRNATyro-, in contrast to cytidine cleavage which does not occur in the presence of Pseudouridine Synthase of Escherichia coli. Cleavage of cytidine in the two pseudouridine-base-tRNAs appears to be directed by the two structural elements of the tRNA which are unique to pseudouridine-base-tRNA, namely, the G35 residue in the anticodon stem and the pseudouridine present at position 38 in the acceptor stem, since cleavage could not be demonstrated if the tRNA was modified by substitution of cystine residues at these positions. Other modifications of the tRNA which have been shown to interfere with the posttranscriptional addition of pseudouridine to tRNA also inhibited cytidine cleavage by Pseudouridine Synthase. Pseudouridine-base-tRNA (Tyr) requires the presence of a specific threonine, approximately 3 A from the 3′-terminal residue, to permit cleavage of cytidine in an unusual manner. The precise location and mechanism of cytidine cleavage by Pseudouridine Synthase of Escherichia coli is discussed.After a long and busy day, I hurried home from work and quickly set about having my dinner. As I was walking up the stairs in the apartment I noticed two letters lying in front of the mail slots, one I had just received and one which had been left behind. The first letter was addressed to me and came from a man

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The invention relates to a thermistor electrode for a test probe to be placed in a borehole of a sample to be tested.
For the most part, thermistor electrodes used for measuring the temperature of a sample in a borehole are of a cylindrical shape which is either made of a highly thermally conductive material, in which case the sample is cooled considerably, or made of a highly thermally insulating material, in which case an increased amount of heat is absorbed by the measurement.
It is an object of the present invention to improve a thermistor electrode of the kind stated in the opening paragraph, without impairing the thermal properties.
In accordance with the invention the electrode is provided with a protrusion which has a larger outer diameter than a diameter of the borehole, so that the thermally insulating outer surface of the electrode is maximized in the protrusion, and the tip of the protrusion is raised to a higher level than the base, whereby the tip can be handled in a manner similar to that of a drill bit, whereas the base is turned. The base can be turned until the tip passes the lower end of the borehole, the axis of rotation of the base being parallel to the axis of the borehole.
In a further advantageous embodiment the thermal conductivity of the electrode material in the tip is much lower than the thermal conductivity of the electrode material in the base, so that the tip cools the sample much less than does the base.
In a further advantageous embodiment the base is in the form of a small cylinder, while the tip is provided with a spherical top surface.
It is an advantage that the tip is gripped by the drill bit in such a manner that the outer surface, which is made of a thermally insulating material, is not damaged during drilling, that is, the risk of fracturing or breaking off is minimized.
According to a preferred embodiment the protrusion is provided with a triangular cross-section, the apex being situated approximately at a level of the lower end of the borehole.
It is another advantage that the risk of breakage or fracture of the electrode is minimized.
In a further advantageous embodiment the electrode is provided with a recess, so that the edge of the borehole at the base of the borehole is covered, and the base of the electrode is turned with a greater velocity than the drill bit and the tip when passing the lower end of the borehole.
It is an advantage that the risk of breakage or fracture

System Requirements:

OS:Windows 10 / Win8.1 / Win8 / 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP
CPU:1.4 GHz dual core or better
Memory:2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA 950 or AMD Radeon HD 2000 / 3000 / 4000 series
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes:Requires download of maps from the Steam Store.
The Dust2 Bomb site is the map’s most defenseless point. It is located on the bridge, and its roof is on


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