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Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are proprietary desktop software programs used for photo editing and other types of image editing. It is the default photo editing software for Windows PCs.

The digital photographs we take are stored in a computer as large files – this is where the file size comes from. Photoshop, as one of the most used image editing software, can very well help you to increase the size of your files.

This guide will help you to increase the size of your images without losing quality and features.

There are certain techniques for increasing the size of a photo that are used by professionals. These techniques do not work for everybody and are not simple to understand.

For beginning photo editors, a simpler method is to perform a series of operations which allow you to increase the size of the image without losing quality. In this guide we will explain different methods of increasing the size of a photo without losing quality.

How to Increase Image File Size Without Losing Quality or losing features of the original images in Photoshop

To increase the size of your image you need to perform three main operations.





Cropping is the process of drawing the edges of your image, usually cutting off some parts of the original image.

Cropping is a type of editing in which you add or remove sections from the original image. Usually, you do not crop an entire image, so this process is usually used to get a frame for an image or to remove the background from the image.

The main reasons to do cropping are:

Removal of the background, so that the image is displayed in the center of the screen (a filter called “Crop” is available)

Reshaping your image by removing parts of the background (called “Crop”)

Removal of the unnecessary section from the image so that it appears thinner

Cropping: All you have to do is to select the unwanted areas of the original image by clicking on them. You can crop the image by dragging the selected area of the original image.

For example, to crop this image you just have to click on the unwanted areas of the image, to the right and down.


Resizing is the process of changing the size of your image. You can increase the size of an image by resizing it by selecting the resizing option (Tools >

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Does the 20l engine come with a cooling flap to help deal with the high ambient temps?

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