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Many believe that this open source alternative is a better choice for beginners who want to take the first steps in graphic design. It’s very easy to use and has a new user-friendly interface. This program also has more settings than Adobe products, which makes it a great choice for beginners. It’s free and it’s easy to create documents.

## Going Beyond the Basic Elements

Working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is great, but adding additional features can improve your design skills. Fortunately, the software has numerous plug-ins and add-ons that enable you to use unique functions.

If you want a feature that no other software can do, Adobe offers a package that enables you to do just that. This is where Adobe Creative Suite stands out among the competition.

Creative Suite is more expensive than most other software packages for basic design tasks, but it provides you with access to an arsenal of design tools that are often impossible to find in a single package.

The Adobe Creative Suite includes the following products:

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Before you start, be sure to have a good knowledge of the basics of Adobe Photoshop, which we suggest you take the time to learn. This article will help you to get started using Photoshop Elements.

1. Define your first images

Our goal in this article is to offer you the tools to create new images using Photoshop Elements. To help you start, we will be using some images that are available in the album: insert images and photography. You will use Photoshop Elements 3 or above and you will install the Elements plug-in.

Insert images

Here you have an image of the globe. It’s probably the first image you will work with in Photoshop Elements. We will be using it to learn some of the tools and the menus of this software. For this purpose, be sure to save it as a jpg file and save the file in.psd or.psd-link format.


Photography is a fantastic medium. For this topic, we will be using a background that we will apply to the canvas of Photoshop Elements.

If you have not yet installed the plug-in, follow the steps. To add a background to the canvas, click on the layer of the canvas (press Ctrl+T) and drag the background file to the layer. Release the mouse button when you have added the layer to the canvas. You will need to resize the image to fit the canvas.

2. Create and use guides

There are two techniques to create guides in Photoshop Elements. The first technique is to use the Rectangle tool, which has four primary functions: Resize, Selection, Mirror and Restart.

To create a guide for a rectangle, click on the tool and select the horizontal or vertical rectangle tool.

To change the properties of this tool, press and hold the option key. If your tool is on its own layer, you will see four arrows. When you click on the one that corresponds to the rectangle type, a grid will appear. You can move the cursor by pressing the left and right arrow keys. You can resize it by pressing the plus and minus keys.

You can also fill guides using the Rectangle tool. Click on the button in the top right corner. A menu will appear. Select Fill and click on the box of the color that you want to use.

There are eight different colors to choose from:

To change the fill option

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The Free Transform can be used to resize, rotate, flip, skew, or distort an image.

The Difference Between Adobe Photoshop and Apple’s…

Read tutorial:
How to Remove Old Grunge
Hi Guys,
In this tutorial we will remove old grunge from an image using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7:
In this video tutorial I show you how to remove grunge from an image in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. Let’s start with the image below:
1. Go to the Enhance tab:
2. Select the Details filter:
3. Drag the filter from the Filter Menu across to the details and grunge areas of the image:
4. Click OK:
Now the image will look like this:
The image now looks so much cleaner and sharper.
So, what should you do next?
I suggest you to repeat these steps for all the grunge areas of the image to make it look just like a new photo.

This is one of the best Photoshop tutorials ever for beginners and…

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Delete Paint Stains in Photoshop
Hi Guys,
In this tutorial we will get rid of the stains from this photo:
I will cover the steps in details and I will also provide you with the sources for the images. It’s time to get your brush ready.
1. Go to the Enhance tab:
2. Select the Detail Filter:
3. Drag the Detail Filter from the Filter Menu across to the image to enhance the Detail:
4. Now try to paint a gradient over the image:
5. Now click on the dots and paint a gradient over the image:
6. Now select the paint stains tool:
7. Click on the paint stains tool icon at the top of the brush:
8. Now paint a smaller brush with the paint stains tool:
9. Now paint over the image:
Now you have a nice image with paint stains removed:
I hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any questions leave a comment below. I will be happy to help.

Photoshop Tutorial: Discover the Tool After Effects…

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How to Create a Subtle Smoke Effect
Hi guys,
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a subtle smoke effect in Photoshop:
In this video tutorial you will learn how to create a subtle smoke effect in Photoshop.
In this tutorial we will cover the following steps:
1. Go to Effects

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ComboBox in WPF losing focus when I click on a textbox inside the combobox

I have a ComboBox whose itemsource is set to an ObservableCollection. I also have a textbox which is used for editing the items in the ComboBox. The problem is that when I click on the textbox, the ComboBox loses focus, so I cannot edit the items in the ComboBox.
I have tried setting the ComboBox.IsReadOnly property to false and setting the ComboBox.IsEditable property to true. This results in the user not being able to edit the ComboBox items, though they can still select the items and edit the selected item (the SelectedItem.MyProperty property is changed to the currently edited value).
How can I have both an editable ComboBox and an editable textbox?


Just use the LostKeyboardFocus event.

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