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Viewing and Working with an Image in Photoshop

To display an image in Photoshop, double-click it in Bridge or File Manager. The image opens in Photoshop as a new document with a tab at the top that provides access to all the most useful tools in the program.

Photoshop enables you to work directly on the layers of an image.

You can do the following to work on a layer:

Create a new layer: Choose Layer⇒New Layer. See the upcoming section, “Creating a new layer,” for information on how to add a new layer.

To add a color effect to a new layer, choose Layer⇒New Fill or Stroke. Use the dialog box that appears to select a color for your new layer.

To move a layer, either choose View⇒Arrange or press the D key. Select the layer that you want to move from the list that appears or click the layer icon (shown in the margin), and drag the image to a new location. (Photoshop automatically creates a new document to hold the layer.)

You can create a new document to work on separate layers. To do so, choose File⇒New to open the New Document dialog box. This is a blank image that you can draw on, fill, and combine into a single image.

You can also create a new document in Bridge, right-click on an image file in the Browser window, and choose New from the shortcut menu to open the New Document dialog box.

When you add a layer to an image, you can create a clipping mask so that the layer’s changes appear only over the area you want changed. You can create a clipping mask with either of the following methods:

• Select a rectangle of any color on a layer. Click the Rectangle Selection tool (B). If the Radial Selection option is enabled, you can also select the radial pattern option from the tool’s toolbar. Click the area within the clipping mask that you want to be altered. Choose Layer⇒Create Clipping Mask to add a layer mask to the image to control changes to the underlying layer.

• Select the layer by holding down the Shift key while clicking on a layer. You can then click the layer’s layer mask to paint in a new color.

You can always delete a layer and return it to the original image. To do so, select Layer⇒Layer Mask⇒Delete

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This Photoshop guide covers all aspects of Photoshop for Adobe Elements including the overview, the editor and all its tools.

Note that this guide will not cover Photoshop for Mac. For Mac, I recommend checking out the All-In-One Guide to Mac’s Photoshop.

Unlock the full potential of Photoshop with our comprehensive Photoshop tutorials, including How to master Photoshop.

Quick Tips

Before you start using Photoshop, make sure to check out the Quick Tips below. There are a few useful Photoshop settings and shortcuts.

Navigate to the image

To navigate to the image you are working on, go to View > Navigate to image.


Press Ctrl + B


View > Navigate to image


Press Ctrl + B

Image size

Currently, there are three image sizes available in Photoshop Elements: 1920×1200, 1600×1600, and 1280×720.

It is recommended that you always work with a resolution of at least 1600×1600. The maximum size of a monitor is 3840×2160. Therefore, the largest monitor you can use without distorting the image is 3840×2160 or 2160×3840. If you are using a monitor with a resolution below 1600×1600, you may experience distortions.

Left: 1500×2000. Right: 1125×2048.

To change the image size, go to Image > Image size or press Ctrl + I.

Image size is particularly useful when you have a smaller, mobile or pocket-sized image. For example, you can use this feature to edit images for social media,

How to resize and crop images

You can resize images for social media. Click the image to select it, go to Image > Resize image, then enter the width, height and crop to fit or auto.

Cropping automatically removes the parts of an image that do not belong in the crop area. However, you can always manually adjust the crop.

Click Edit > Crop to fit. Left: Resize to 600×600px. Right: Crop to fit

You can crop images in a variety of ways. You can select the size of the image from the Crop to fit tool, enter the width and height, or choose from a range of crop guides or arrows.

Left: Cropping to fit. Right: Cropping guide.

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* (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2020, 2020.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.

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