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Not only does performing regular inventory on the computers you are managing help you reduce the number of lost or misplaced pieces of equipment, but it can also aid you estimate intervals for maintenance, so you can avoid having to do costly repairs.
BackData Pro is a lightweight utility that enables you to keep track of hardware components as well as software installed on the computers so that it simplifies asset management, analysis and inventory.
Comes with a clean and neatly structured interface
After a quick and straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a well-organized and intuitive interface that should not give you any troubles while navigating. The main window is comprised of two panels, one that enables you to add the list of machines the app should ping and another where you can analyze general data about the devices.
Functionality-wise, the program is user-friendly and enables you to verify information in just a few steps. More accurately, you can update the information by specifying the CSV file that needs data verification and then hitting the Start seeking button.
As a side note, you should know that the tool works with CSV and TXT files only. While it can be argued that you can just copy database information or lists to clipboard, it would have been useful if it supported other types of file formats.
Seamlessly generate various handy reports
It is important to note that the application provides you with various types of reports that can come in handy before your company is scheduled for an audit, for instance. Moreover, you will be happy to learn that the utility allows you to capture almost any type of information you need about the software and hardware listed in the inventory.
Therefore, you can collect data such as model, serial number, asset tag, processor, cores count or CPU and RAM usage, for example if you are managing component asset management. In addition, when performing a software analysis, you can gather information about OS architecture, service pack, version, running processes lists, installation date, domains, profile lists, local printers and whom they are registered to, to name a few.
Depending on the role of the assessment you are performing, you can also find out more about the basic logical drive and hard drive info, MAC addresses and DHCP /Static values.
An inventory tool that can save you time and money
Although it works mostly with CSV files, BackData Pro is a comprehensive inventory and assessment management utility that can lend you a hand with managing goods more efficiently.







BackData Pro Crack + Activation Code Free Download PC/Windows

BackData Pro is an inventory and assessment management tool that makes it much easier to store and track physical assets. Designed for management of hardware and software assets, this product provides a straightforward way to keep track of the components being used in your organization. The tool is easy to set up and use, and includes several convenient and useful features, such as:
• Simplified Manual and Automatic Inventory
This software provides a comprehensive list of inventory records with an option to either automatically capture inventory information or manually manage.
• Network Inventory
When not used in isolation, BackData Pro works on a network to sync inventory information between multiple machines.
• Data Analysis
BackData Pro allows you to focus on collecting data while the tool analyzes it for you. It can be customized to process different types of data to provide the information you need most.
• Reports
BackData Pro can be set up to produce a wide range of reports, including simple counts and tables, in the report designer. Reports can be displayed, saved, and printed.
• Backup and Restore
This software can create regular backups of inventory records, which can be stored in the cloud or saved locally. It can also restore the backup upon request.
• Phone App
BackData Pro includes an iOS and Android app, which allows you to manage your inventory and generate reports easily on your phone or tablet.


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BackData Pro

BackUp your hardware

Inventory and analyse your PCs

Generate diverse reports

Hardware management

Software inventory

Compliance and security auditing

Network inventory

It works as a software manager or an asset manager

Software inventory

Compliance and security auditing

Network inventory

The best thing about BackData Pro Crack Keygen is that it is a free software that you can use for free. It comes with a clean and organized interface with many useful features that should make you more efficient while managing your computers. Therefore, if you are looking for a portable utility that will save you time and money, the program may be what you need.
Disclaimer: BackData Pro Free Download is a freeware. No financial, time or effort was wasted in writing this program review, and is not an ad supported application.

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Computer inventory and asset management can be cumbersome and boring. Both for PCs and servers, there is so much data to go through that keeping it all up to date and organized becomes a chore. Some stuff may be set to the wrong settings, hard drive may go missing or someone may just take it out to be able to use it. Unfortunately, unless you are a professional, you can’t just keep track of all this yourself.

Yet, even when it comes to the biggest computer in the company, you can’t just take it from one person to another. Plus, you may not be the most organized person in the office anyway.

Fortunately, someone had these thoughts in mind and created an asset manager called Backdata Pro.

It is lightweight software that can help you with all sorts of issues that usually arise when it comes to managing hardware and software. For instance, you can find out in what state your computers and other devices are, which version of the software they are running, what is the configuration of the hard drive and so on.

Or, if you are lucky, you can even backup the information about all the devices in your office. After a quick and painless setup, Backdata Pro will be at your disposal.

BackData Pro

It is a small program that can help you with a lot of issues that you may face if you use or try to manage hardware or software. You can find all kinds of data about the devices you are managing, a live inventory that is backed up and updated automatically, and also generate a bunch of reports.

The interface is simple

BackData Pro Crack With Keygen [Latest-2022]

– Seamlessly perform various types of inventory analysis
– Generate a variety of reports for better asset management
– Exclusively compatible with Windows
Key features:
– Simple interface that helps you keep track of the inventory of computers with ease
– Generates a variety of reports to help you with asset management and inventory
– Executes software assessments and verifies hardware components
– Supports analysis and inventory of Windows machines
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What’s New In BackData Pro?

BackData Pro is an advanced inventory management application that enables you to keep track of various components installed on the computers and to manage them properly.

BackData Pro has a streamlined and easy-to-navigate interface that provides users with a smart asset management app that is all they need to track and manage hardware and software on their computers.
No matter the role you have at hand, the tool is a perfect solution for you to keep a close eye on your equipment because it provides with an array of features.
In short, BackData Pro automates certain processes and allows you to avoid tedious tasks that might otherwise prove to be time-consuming and costly for your business.
What’s more, the application can create as many reports as you want, so you can keep a close eye on practically everything you wish.
BackData Pro includes most of the features you might need to manage your assets, including:

The ability to manage a wide variety of assets
The assets listed by the tool can include electronic devices, hard drives, media, parts, and even software. In other words, the inventory is not only limited to hardware components, but it can cover any software or hardware that might have been registered by a system or an application.
As noted earlier, the application comes with a clean and useful interface that allows you to manage a wide array of assets easily and in a productive manner.
The tool comes with an intuitive interface that’s super easy to use.
Comes with a clean interface that’s easy to navigate
In addition to the simple and well-organized interface that should not pose any problems, BackData Pro also offers a well-developed and intuitive user interface that should not give users any problems while using the application.
Navigate through it swiftly, from selecting computers to viewing inventory, to updating it, a number of actions can be carried out and completed in a flash.
Supports more than 30 device types
In order to keep an accurate inventory, the application supports a wide variety of devices that can be managed conveniently.
To make things easier for the users, the tool lets them specify the device type, model, serial number, release date, device name, as well as other information that can help them determine the item in question.
Coming with a variety of devices
In order to keep a close eye on the inventory, users need only select their devices, create and save a backup list of all the items they wish to track and start an inventory process

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8.1 (Windows 10 not tested, can not guarantee compatibility)
Processor: Intel Dual Core or AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: RCON does not work on “laptop mode”
OS: Windows 7/8.1
Processor: Intel Quad Core or AMD Phenom or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM

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