Every laptop owner is aware of the importance of the battery life. If you have your notebooks’ interest at best, a battery benchmark operation is recommended once in a while, to test the approximate amount of time it’s likely to last while away from an electrical source.
Battery Eater will perform a thorough diagnostics on your laptop’s battery and will inform you with regard to its life potential. By performing a series of extensive tests, it will literally drain the life out of your notebook, for the noble purpose of letting you know what your device is capable of.
The application is completely portable, it can be run from a removable drive if you prefer and has a simple, yet pleasant interface. Before you start the actual tests, for accurate results, it’s recommendable to charge the battery to its maximum capacity. Battery Eater features four benchmarking algorithms: Classic or the Maximum Load Test, Reader’s Test – imposes a lower level of stress, Idle Test – checks how your device will last when your laptop is going to be in an idle state and last, but not least, the Plugin Bench.
For the average user, the most significant results will be obtained by performing the first two tests. The Classic algorithm relies on a 3D rendering approach that will task the notebook’s GPU and CPU, thus putting a high load of stress on the battery. The Reader’s Test is less demanding and is actually based on an automated procedure that will open a text file and scroll through it until the device runs out of power juice. As soon as the tests are over, the laptop will automatically go into hibernation, but a copy of the results will be saved in Battery Eater’s installation folder.
Aside from the aforementioned features, the application will also offer you a set of hardware related information: CPU, RAM, HDD and power supply details. The purpose of the application remains that of providing an extremely efficient way to benchmark the battery and even though the tests might require a few hours, it’s a little price to pay for such a precious piece of information.


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Modern laptops are usually equipped with multi-purpose devices that can run without battery power on their own, allowing the user to go around without carrying the laptop itself. For instance, you can find them in printers or scanners, that you can connect to your laptop through USB or even as a wireless USB access point. These devices typically draw electricity from the battery, which is less than generous in some cases. In those situations, the battery life of your laptop will be significantly reduced. You can only get to that length of time if you don’t have access to power or your battery is of low capacity.
It is recommended to have a short battery benchmark operation once in a while just to see how much time you’re going to enjoy away from power. Battery Eater Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a simple application that will run a series of tests on your device, to easily and accurately find out your battery’s potential.

Each laptop’s battery normally does not last for very long time in full power mode, so it’s advisable to use Battery Eater Product Key to ensure you have the most out of your device.

The classic algorithm will drain your battery while you can keep it charged, so to get the most out of your battery, select the maximum load test. The algorithm will automatically be selected during the installation process, but you can always change it to the alternative tests if you want.

If you have a fully charged battery, performance might vary, but it’s normal if your laptop shows a little difference, even though you can still keep it charged. If you’re traveling and your battery is fully charged, Battery Eater Crack For Windows will perform its tests and will inform you if your battery has an odd amount of capacity.

Battery Eater Crack Mac measures your battery’s capacity by generating a randomized load for a few hours. As soon as the tests finish, it will hibernate the computer, save the results in the installer’s folder and then begin charging it again. While charging, your battery’s capacity will be increased, but that is only a measure, because the initial capacity of the battery is left unknown.

If you don’t want to end up spending a whole day testing your battery, it’s advisable to get to know the battery’s capacity as soon as possible. Battery Eater Crack Keygen is a great application for that purpose, but you can also easily add the plugin bench test when you’re having the battery tested.

Battery Eater checks

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Battery Eater is an incredibly useful program for laptop owners. Not only does it give you a guide as to how your battery is performing, it also gives you a useful piece of knowledge as to how long your battery is likely to last.
This is done by it draining the battery out to the maximum – something which most other applications cannot do. The more you use the battery, the more power it has available, so your battery lasts longer, until it reaches 100% power. It will also tell you what the maximum load is in watts. In my opinion it’s far more useful than any other similar program I’ve ever come across.
It isn’t easy to find a program which does the same thing as Battery Eater, but it does. In short, it’s an easy to use program and does the job.
Simple and easy to use, it isn’t hard to use the program and I’d recommend anyone wanting to use Battery Eater to give it a try. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s got everything I was looking for. It’s a great program and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something like this.

Battery Eater is an incredible program that does more than just let you know the status of your battery. It has it’s own unique way of testing your computer’s performance that is far more accurate than any other program I’ve ever used.
Battery Eater is completely portable and you can run it from a removable disk (CD-RW/DVD) or you can download it to your computer from the link provided above.
The program is completely free and it is one of the few programs I use that I never find some annoying bugs and it actually works!

A perfect, simple and easy program to use. If you do any gaming, you will find Battery Eater indispensable. I have been using it for months, it works extremely well and has a lot of features.

At the beginning, I was not totally sure about it, since I thought it was a little basic, but as I use it more and more, I started to appreciate it for what it is.

A great program. It is a bit basic on the interface, but it is so straight forward and easy to use, that it doesn’t matter. It has all the information that you would need about your battery and it does it effectively and

Battery Eater Full Product Key Free Download

Benchmark your laptop’s battery life

Accurately collect data to help you make better laptop buying decisions

Running out of battery in a very important matter. You can’t say that it’s not a serious problem at all, as a whole load of tasks will simply not work when the battery is nearly empty. It can be a simple problem or it can even be a critical one, what ever the outcome. Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions. A simple solution to a problem, is usually to come up with a solution, but what about a solution for a non-existent problem? That’s what Battery Eater offers. If you are interested in finding out how long your laptop will last for, while away from electricity, then this is the app for you. It will tell you just how much electricity will be used and what kind of tasks it will be able to run. It will let you know whether the battery runs at full capacity or whether it has a low charge capacity. It will tell you what the longevity of your battery is.
So, don’t go all the way to the shop and buy a new battery if your notebook is able to run for a day or even two, this app is going to tell you that the battery’s dead in the water before you get a chance to try it. If it is worth to buy a new battery, then at least this app will point out the amount of energy you can store on the new battery, so you will be able to determine the cost.
It is easy to use and easy to get to grips with. It won’t take you long to find out how it operates. You can see the current battery status and see how many hours of battery life your notebook can expect from it. The end result of the two times applied tests, will be displayed on the next run. This information is great to have on hand so you don’t have to ask anyone what will it take to get through the day.
Who Needs it?
There are many people who will want to see what their laptop battery is capable of and Battery Eater is the perfect tool for them. You will be able to gather data, while off the grid and know what your notebook can actually handle. It will give you a clear idea of the circumstances under which your notebook can run and help you come to a conclusion as to whether it should be replaced or not. For people who want to find out the value

What’s New In Battery Eater?

Battery Eater is a diagnostic tool to estimate how long your notebook’s battery will last. Click Next and let Battery Eater analyse your battery. The software will then list any problems with your battery. If Battery Eater detects that your battery needs replacing, you will also receive a free estimate for a new battery.Battery Eater will perform a thorough diagnostics on your laptop’s battery and will inform you with regard to its life potential. By performing a series of extensive tests, it will literally drain the life out of your notebook, for the noble purpose of letting you know what your device is capable of.
Battery Eater will test if your laptop can handle the Classic or Maximum Load Test or if it will last while in an idle state.
Battery Eater will also test if your laptop is compatible with a plugin benchmark.

Key Features:
– Test your battery’s lifespan
– Test battery life with the “Maximum load test”
– Test battery life with the “Reader’s test”
– Test battery life with the “Idle Test”
– Test battery life with the plugin benchmark
– Test battery life with the “Graphic Test”
– Test hardware details
– Test your laptop’s performance
– Change battery
– View build number
– View state of charge
– Retrieve battery life statistics
– Log battery life statistics
– Get estimate for new battery
– Free evaluation for a new battery
– Uninstalling battery eater

Perform a Battery life test on your notebook and see how long it will stay alive with Battery Eater. If your notebook is not equipped with a battery, you can place an adapter in the port and follow Battery Eater’s instructions.
Battery Eater is a battery life test program that will help you evaluate the battery life on your notebook by applying special test modes. The test mode is run on battery power only. The more time the battery life extends, the more the battery life test efficiency is.

Slow battery drain is a possibility in older machines. Using a battery life test can help you find out if it is not you who is killing your laptop. Battery Eater can help you evaluate the possible cause of the low battery life. Use the Battery Eater idle test to evaluate the battery life on your laptop under a “idle” state (not intensively using CPU and keeping the screen off). Results indicate how long your laptop will stay alive with the battery at idle.

Battery Eater is designed for

System Requirements For Battery Eater:

OS: Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 High Sierra or macOS 10.14 Mojave
Processor: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650, AMD Radeon HD 7750, Intel Iris Pro
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel Core i7


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