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jWinkler is a software that was created for the development of improved procedures for the analysis of beams and piles on elastic foundation.
jWinkler is a software that is stable, efficient, user-friendly, fast and free! You will never be disappointed with jWinkler!
The program can analyze the deformation of all objects on the elastic foundations (e.g. beams, columns, wall elements, and reinforced concrete piles) individually, with or without the soil below. In addition, the deformation of the foundation can be carried out dynamically in real-time. The results of the analyses can be shown on the same screen as the data collection is going on. The program is designed especially for engineering companies, research institutes and universities. Most of all, jWinkler is an excellent tool for the student.
This version of jWinkler allows you to solve static analyses of beams and piles on the elastic foundation for the dynamic analysis of foundation failure, as well as calculations of a pile’s capacity and deflection, and the determination of the load-bearing capacities of the bearing points. jWinkler allows you to determine the deflection of a pile, the deformation of columns, walls and reinforcing bars under the load, and the capacity of the foundation.
Among the program’s benefits are the following:
*User-friendly program interface – on the one hand the familiar Windows and Macintosh user interface, on the other hand the software is also suitable for newbies
*Graphical user interface
*Efficient calculations with reasonable speed
*Data handling in a tabular or graphic format
*A choice of local, regional or global coordinate system
*Coded functions: the main program comprises of about 180 individualized codes and functions.
*Hotkey set for quick and convenient data entry with double-click.
*… and many, many more!
More information:
Download jWinkler:

A nice software for the analysis of beams and piles on elastic foundation.
Can analyzed on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
version 4.2 is included USB support.
also the old Windows formats support.
The program has a compact and easy to use interface.

This video tutorial teach you how to create 3D girder model and analyze on Elastic Foundation.
We will use Autodesk Design Review and

JWinkler Crack Torrent [Win/Mac]

jWinkler is a software for the solution of the problems of static and seismic behavior of beams and piles. The program can be used to carry out the studies of the beams and piles on the basis of their static as well as seismic behavior. The program can be used in construction industry. For the elimination of the static and seismic behavior of buildings the people can use jWinkler.


jWinkler is sold on a one year of use license for £23.

jWinkler License Requirements:

The license file jWinkler is not included with the package but can be downloaded from the site.

jWinkler Instructions for use:

The user is required to have Java Runtime Environment version 1.4.2 or later installed.

When downloading the package the license file jWinkler must be placed in the same directory as the jwinkler.jar file.

Install Java Runtime Environment

Visit the Oracle web page where you can download Java Runtime Environment

Use the tools available to download and install the latest version of the Runtime Environment.

Once installed double click jwinkler.jar file in order to run the jWinkler.

On the menu bar (top left) click Help on the windows menu bar and open the help file.

Use Help menu on the top left of the program to get the information about jWinkler use.

jWinkler Documentation

The following are the topics included in jWinkler documentation:


In order to run jWinkler there is a need for an accessible Java Runtime Environment.
The installer of jWinkler requires a local Java Runtime Environment to be installed before an installation is attempted. At the time of the installation the jWinkler version is checked against the version of the installed version of Java Runtime Environment.
A warning is shown if the JRE is not compatible with the version of jWinkler.
The Java Runtime Environment version is checked using jwinkler.jar file included in the package.


The usage of jWinkler is quite simple. From the top menu bar, the user is asked to select the project:

Select or create a project in jWinkler and give the project a name. A project is a set of parameters that define the static and seismic behavior of the beams

JWinkler Free

– Analyses existing beams or piles
– Calculates beam or pile parameters on the basis of the structural analysis module of jWinkler and SCAMP
– Calculates adjustments to existing beams or piles and new beams or piles
– Can be used to optimize existing beams and piles or create new beams and piles using the optimization program of jWinkler
– Calculates critical beams and piles (loading, earthquake parameters)
– Reliability, robustness, and user-friendliness are the basis of jWinkler.
– Allows you to use the analysis results of one beam or pile to calculate and analyze the beams or piles of a large building
– You can set the model module, determine the purposes of a beam or pile, and define the beam or pile parameters in a model
– You can connect jWinkler to SCAMP with the use of a table file, thereby using the analysis results of beams or piles in SCAMP to calculate and analyze the beams or piles on the basis of the analysis module of jWinkler
– An entire beam or pile can be analyzed in one task. This can be achieved with the optimization module of jWinkler
– For beams or piles that are supported by a beam or pile or are to be arranged in a structure, jWinkler can analyze the entire beam or pile with the use of user-defined boundary conditions
– jWinkler is a ready-to-use, easy-to-use, and reliable piece of software that can be used in all fields of building and geotechnical engineering


jWinkler License:
– Free of charge
– jWinkler is a freeware

Current Version:
– jWinkler 5.20.0

End of License

jWinkler Updates:
– jWinkler version number is always up-to-date
– jWinkler receives updates via new branches
– For updates, please contact us

The latest version can be downloaded from the website.

The way of installation:
– Download jWinkler and execute it after installing
– Then copy the folder with the name “jWinkler” into “Program Files/jWinkler”.
– Then unpack jWinkler, which will create a folder “jWinkler”.
– Extract the files on the “jWinkler” folder on your hard disk, and then run

What’s New In?

jWinkler is a free Java program that was designed to perform 3D-analysis and design of beams in elastic foundations.
The elasticity of the foundation is assessed by calculating numerical parameters, such as a Winkler number, the Winkler coefficient, the von Mises stress. The result is visualized as 2D and 3D graphs.
Also, jWinkler can support different types of geometries, such as rectilinear beams, conical piles, surface piles and triangular piles.
The user is enabled to design the beam’s cross section, as well as the foundation geometries.
The main goal of jWinkler is to enable the user to perform the 3D-design of beams, based on geometrical considerations of the foundation.
The JWinkler contains more than 30 different design features. Furthermore, jWinkler offers a visual 3D mode and is compatible with different computer platforms.
jWinkler Functionalities:
• Plot cross section geometry of a solid beam in the 3D graph
• Plot cross section geometry of a solid beam and a pile geometry in the 3D graph
• Method for calculating the Winkler number, the Winkler coefficient, and the von Mises stress
• Support different types of solid and fluid foundation models
• Save and load files for the jWinkler program
• Export the jWinkler data files in various formats
• Plot 3D graph and 2D graph with graphic functions
• Plot beam material and geometry parameters
• Input and output of jWinkler data files
• Number of boundary conditions that can be defined (e.g. bottom or upper clamped conditions)
• Define the boundary conditions
• Input and save data files
• Visualize cross section of the section of the beam
• Visualize cross section of the section of the pile
• Visualize 3D graph and 2D graph
• Define characteristics of foundation
• Visualize characteristics of foundation
• Visualize parameters of beam
• Visualize graphical representation of the model
• Visualize graphical representation of the model and various definitions of analyses
• Useful functions such as the functionality of export, of the input and output of the jWinkler data files
• Support of various types of construction by the jWinkler
• Support for various languages, including C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, and Python
• Support for various

System Requirements For JWinkler:

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