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Nowadays, more and more artists use various digital programs to create their drawings and sketches. SmoothDraw is a tool designed particularly for this job.
The program comes with a clean interface that hosts plenty of tools to get you through the task.
While some results can be obtained by handling a mouse, it is recommended that you use a graphic tablet and a stylus for drawing.
The app offers a wide range of brushes, such as “Pen”, “Leaky Pen”, “Digital Pencil”, “2B Pencil”, ‘Felt Pen”, “Digital Airbrush”, “Fine Spray Brush” and “Bristle Brush”, just to name a few.
Furthermore, some stencils are available, such as stars, grass and butterflies. Other tools include “Blur”, “Sharpen”, “Smudge”, “Burn” and “Dodge”.
The background color can be adjusted from a large palate of shades, while the brush size and the ink flow can also be modified. Since the program is compatible with graphic tablets, some adjustments can be made regarding this device, such as the pressure scale.
SmoothDraw supports layers, which means that you can create a new one for each item you want to add to the picture. This makes editing the image an easy task.
Additionally, the app provides several effects to enhance your work. For instance, you can adjust the brightness contrast, the gamma levels, the hue and saturation, but also to convert the picture to grayscale.
The program supports some image formats, such as PNG, BMP, JPEG, JPG, JIF, TGA, GIF and TIFF.
The bottom line is that SmoothDraw is an app that provides all the necessary tools to create a nice picture. Inexperienced users should find the software easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive interface.









SmoothDraw Full Version [Win/Mac]

SmoothDraw is an app for drawing.
The most important feature of the app is its support for graphic tablets. SmoothDraw includes a variety of tools for creating pictures. Some of these are brushes, such as “Pen”, “Leaky Pen”, “Digital Pencil”, “2B Pencil”, ‘Felt Pen’, “Digital Airbrush”, “Fine Spray Brush” and “Bristle Brush”. Stencils include stars, grass and butterflies. Other tools include “Blur”, “Sharpen”, “Smudge”, “Burn” and “Dodge”.
You can add different tools to the palette of paints. When creating a new brush, you have to adjust the size of the brush, the tilt of the pen and the density of the ink. The app includes a history function so that you can draw quickly.
The app also offers a variety of effects to enhance your picture. You can set the brightness contrast, the gamma levels, the hue and saturation, but also to change the picture to grayscale.

With the Wacom Bamboo tablet, you get not only a tablet but also a drawing pen. This tablet is designed to be used by artist for drawing, writing and sketching.

The Wacom Bamboo is a pen-enabled tablet designed for artists. It is a compact drawing instrument with one single Cintiq-like pen. The app that comes with the device is Prefire, a specialized, highly precise and intuitive drawing app for the tablet.

Wacom offers both a graphic tablet as well as a graphics pen. This tablet is suitable for both professional and hobbyist artists and musicians.

The Wacom Bamboo series includes numerous options for new and experienced users alike. One of its main highlights is the Pen Support (Wacom Bamboo Pen), which offers various drawing applications to be used on top of its Wacom functionality.

With this tablet, you can use a stylus, which can be easily inserted into the tablet. While you can use the pen to touch the screen, it can also be used on top of the tablet to draw.

Together with this device, you also get the Prefire App, a robust app for people that often work with drawing instruments. With this app, you can draw

SmoothDraw Free

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Elementary drawing and painting;

From beginners to professional, with just one app in the student market.

Supports graphic tablets for drawing;

The best graphics tablet for drawing and painting.

What’s New

• Inking: When using the Ink tool, you will now have a specific buffer when drawing into an area with a selected layer that allows to draw in that region without lifting the pen. This should help avoid ink bleed.
• Window: New settings in the Window options, including a new on/off display option. This may provide the user with an easier way to set the display options. The new menu will display a “Custom” option with a list of preferences.
• Gui: The Gui options now have an option to unload the program when closing. Previously, it only unloaded the program if you clicked the “Close” button. This should make the closing of the program more smooth.

• Ink: Add option to change the ink settings.
• Rounded corner box: In this version, the rounded corners box has been improved. The “Border Settings” option is now located under the “General” option.
• Icons: The Icons now have the same rounded corners box.
• Windos and screensavers: The “Screensaver” option now correctly closes the program and opens the screensaver. It used to open it and then close the program.
• Backup: Fixed an issue where you could not backup the program with the.smxd file extension.
• Effects: In case you installed the new version, you should now find the Effects and Text effects options under the menu.
• Quilting: If you have problems with the Quilting tool, please check the Quilting help page (link in the program Help folder).

Bug Fixes
• Windows: Fixed a problem with the setting not being saved when the program was restarted.
• Windows: In some cases, the program would exit when closing the program and reopening it.
• Windows: With the program installed in the Program Files (x86) folder, sometimes the program would crash.
• Windows: When the program was closed in Win 7, it would create a new folder with the 2-dot folder.
• Windows: Many issues with rendering of some effects were fixed.


What’s New in the SmoothDraw?

– A lot of different tools
– Graphics tablets and stylus recommended
– Fantastic effects
– Support for layers which would permit the effective spectrum of interest to penetrate the tissue and collected light to be eventually split to perform measurements.

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System Requirements For SmoothDraw:

OS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.4GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
HDD: 3 GB free space
GPU: DirectX® 11.1 compatible graphics card
DirectX®: Version 11
Video: 1280×720 resolution
Additional Notes: This version is for the Steam installer, the mobile version is coming later.
Download at–3264bit.pdf!/?p=23124

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