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1. SeaSurfie is a free Windows 98 based web browser with speech input and speech output capabilities. SeaSurfie is a full-featured browser with all the features of one of the most used browsers, Internet Explorer. Some of the features include, easy and transparent scrollbar, bookmarks, favorites and the option to add your own url links to the browser. SeaSurfie recognizes and reads out the text from the web pages and allows you to browse the web using speech.
You can also type on the page by holding down the keys “Ctl” and “V”. SeaSurfie can be downloaded and installed on your Windows 98 computer for free at SeaSurfie is in the beta and development stage as it is FREE for download. It is open to be improved, based on the comments received.
2. SeaSurfie supports the web pages in over 23 languages, all of which can be changed from the Preferences folder.
3. SeaSurfie has bookmarking feature for your webpages that can be saved as a Favorites folder.
4. SeaSurfie has built-in Favorites folder and includes all the executable programs in your computer. It detects all the items in your Favorites folder and automatically builds the voice commands to browse all the web links in your Favorites folder and all the executable programs on your computer.
5. SeaSurfie has speech output and speech input capabilities. All you need to do is to select the type of speech to be used in one of the language supported.
6. SeaSurfie has a fast loading time when compared to leading web browsers like Internet Explorer or Netscape.
You can always download the latest Surfie Version from the following web page.

Software Requirements:
SeaSurfie should work on all the supported Windows operating systems.
SeaSurfie Preference’s:
1. Change the language of SeaSurfie from the Preferences folder.
2. Select between British english and American English Speech Output.
SeaSurfie Notes:
0. SeaSurfie requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. SeaSurfie may not work in Internet Explorer 5.0.

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The Surfie Torrent Download browser provides a speech-enabled and a touch screen friendly interface. Surfie is a fast tab browsing browser.
Each surfie tab is loaded into a separate tab, so you can open multiple tabs at the same time. All your tabs are accessible through a menu at the top. When you select a tab, the Surfie Browser will show your page text, images or video. Surfie also provides the speech engine to read web page onto the screen.
If you are sending emails, surfing an online image gallery, surfing the web or viewing other document, Surfie can read it out for you automatically. Also you can set a Hot-key to run Surfie to read web page automatically, and can set the hot-key according to your own requirement.
You can also import your favorites and bookmarks from your personal browsers into Surfie for easy and faster navigation. To help Surfie understand you what you want, you can set the speech engine into your own voice or microphone and the Surfie will read it out to you.
You can also create voice input hot-keys with our Speech Editor and import the voices from our Speech Profiles. You can select your desired profiles from dozens of voices created by our customers.
The Surfie uses a very high quality speech engine and it requires a rich quality voice that suits for web browsing. If you have a cheap PC, you may find it is not good with speech engine.
However, you can easily use the speech engine with a speed mobile phone. The Surfie speech engine has been developed to be compatible with most high-quality handsets of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers. It is also compatible with many other phones.
One other advantage of the Surfie speech engine is the high priority it gives to the speech commands. The Surfie normally moves to the next line to wait for your response after it has read out the sentence, and it is easy for you to dictate a message on line simultaneously.
On the other hand, Surfie browser has been tuned for reading out web pages and reading out programs, so the browsing experience is a better one.
Surfie is a free application, and you can be fully free to use it as you like. is a user-friendly speech recognition and dictation software that reads your computer’s sounds out and listens for your commands. You no longer need to use your computer’s keyboard to speak or dictate your commands. Surfie allows you to dictate letters, emails, files

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Surfie is a highly powerful browser with the capabilities of both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. It is a powerful web browser with the capabilities of both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Surfie has the fastest Web Loading time due to the fact that Surfie uses the MS Windows DLL drivers for Internet Explorer. Surfie reduces the amount of system calls required to load the web pages. Surfie provides full support for Java, Activex, JavaScript, DHTML and T-HTML. Surfie automatically detects the Operating system which you are currently using so that the system parameters are automatically changed to the best fit for the environment. Surfie also adjusts the screen size to the ideal size for your display. Surfie has the capability of recognizing the selected languages and voices while surfing. Surfie automatically adjusts the speech output depending on the type of web page being displayed to you. Surfie supports various SSL protocols like SSL v2, SSL v3 and TLS. Surfie also supports the OCSP protocol for validating the trust of the server. Surfie has a built in webcrawler which generates request for the web pages and extracts the links from the links of the web pages. Surfie also has a built in RSS reader which automatically extracts the RSS feed from the Web pages. Surfie has the capability of searching for images in the web pages and locating the best image which is in actual color and not in grey scale. Surfie has full support for popup windows and has the ability to identify the popups automatically. Surfie automatically adjusts the status bar and shows the toolbar items depending upon the web page. Surfie is also capable of performing many other features like Mouse Emulation, Fast Switching between Web Pages, Double Click on selected links, Double Click on the address bar with TAB key, Redirects, FTP Connects, FTP Downloads, FTP Uploads, password protection and many other special features.
Voice Commands:
Like Internet Explorer, NetScape Navigator and Mozilla, Surfie has the capability of building voice commands for the particular web pages. Surfie automatically builds the voice commands for the links, frames, framesets, text, images, anchors, scripts, framesets and frames within the web pages. Surfie also allows you to manually build the voice commands if you want.
The following are the steps to manually build the voice commands.
– Step 1: Open the web browser first.
– Step 2: Go to some web page which you want to build the voice commands.

What’s New In Surfie?

Surfie is a browser supporting speech input and speech output. Surfie is designed to give users a hands-free browsing experience at the fullest. Surfie is the first true web browser supporting speech input and speech output. It can fulfill the “Voice Browser” need of all. Surfie is built with an easy to use interface and powerful tools. Surfie also provides all the classic features of Web Browser like Web Address Bar, Favorites, History, Bookmarks, and so on. All of them are supported with Speech Input/Output. It features built-in speech to text capabilities for any web page on the web without need to install any third party programs.
VisualVoice 0.6 is an advanced modem voice system used in telecommunication industry.
The system provides spoken dial tone or automated menu (press and speak) for making calls from the cellular phone.
The system is universal compatible and integrates with other systems (personal computers, printers, fax machines, etc.).
System includes speech recognition software for dialogs.
System includes a socket server for visualvoice to listen to the calls. It is a simple server running with C#.NET
System offers multi-language support.
Single or multiple speech files can be loaded into memory for each particular language.
VisualVoice 0.6 is a stand-alone application. It can be used in small-scale projects, LANs or Intranets.
VisualVoice is now developed in C#.NET.
VisualVoice 0.6 Demo is available for demonstration and testing in demo area.
Please contact with [email protected] for more information about visualvoice.

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System Requirements For Surfie:

New Systems:
You will need version 1.2.1 or above to do this tutorial. You can get the latest version of the Lost Chapter from
You will also need custom control maps for this to work. The guys at Hexen maps have made some great one-on-one tutorials on how to make control maps and find them here:
Hexen Maps Forum
This tutorial requires a Windows computer.
A copy of Yume Nikki installed (This is a Japanese style 2

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