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ZIRCU == ziRCu == zIrc == zIRC is irc client written in pure java.
It supports multi-server connections, dcc file sharing, mirc-compatible text coloration, smilies, a simple, intuitive interface. It has everything you may need to make your irc experience easy and enjoyable.
It is a client, not a webfrontend. To connect you should download a proper irc client. I.e. mIRC, XChat,… or even irssi.
* Multi-server connections
* Dcc files sharing, provided by the zirc project
* Client/Server text encryption
* Text Colorization
* Smilies
* Local or Remote Help from a Web browser.
* I can upload any file- or directory to the server
* Finished, easy and intuitive user-interface

Is there an ezim-like program to listen on freenode for announcements?
It should look like the pidgin buddy list, but for irc.

Simple, straightforward, fully configurable. Supports listing, displaying and timing of all online and offline users, as well as displaying a summary of all chats, groups, and channels.

lscirc is an easy to use, customizable and very efficient IRC Client. It supports almost all features that are supported by modern IRC clients.
It is simple to use as a stand alone application, or it can easily be integrated into almost any other program.

MagicIRC is a complete, full featured irc client and irc server, without any third party addons, old scripts or adware.
It has all the features you need to have a complete irc-experience and server.

The OperasLive Icon Viewer is a fast and easy to use application that lets users view their copied pictures, files and the contents of their folders. It supports animated GIF files and will show a frame for every second of an animated GIF. It also supports 24-bit bitmapped (bmp) and 24-bit indexed color (xpm) images.

AwesomeOCR is a OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool for Windows. It can be used as a single-use or a multiple-use OCR server. Besides the text-processing capabilities, it provides a lot of additional features.

KMIRC for Mac is a low-level, yet powerful, cross-platform, multi

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zIrc is a pure java irc client with gui.
Don’t expect any of the kdelibs(kmess etc…) for java, this is a pure java application.The source code is under the APL license, may be distributed freely




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== Server connection ==
To connect to a server simply add your hostname, followed by a semi-colon and the port the server uses to talk to other servers. zIrc will simply list the servers available to you, and automatically connect to the server on the given port. There are more advanced features provided for an more elaborate connection management, but for most purposes, this server connection system should work just fine.
Please use the #help channel on the server you want help from.
All available commands can be view with the /help command in the default command line.
zIrc 1.0
Copyright (C) 2007 Erol Vardar

—–Copyright information—–
zIrc is Open Source Software. It is released under the terms of the GNU Public Licence, Version 3, or later.
—–How to contact me—–
You can reach me at the zirc.se WWW site.
To build zirc all you need is the Java Development Kit installed, and the JDK 6 or higher must be installed on your box. You can download it from
Once the JDK is installed, you need to start up a command prompt and type “javac -classpath zirc.jar zirc.java”. Do not enter any of your coding in a command prompt. When you do, it will give you a list of errors and warnings. You should try to fix them as you go.
Once you have your zirc.java file, type “javah -classpath zirc.jar zirc” and enter. This will create a file for you called “zirc.h”.
Go to your zirc.jar file and edit it. Go to the “class com.zirc.applet” and change the “void paint(Graphics)” method signature from:
public void paint(Graphics g)
public void paint(Graphics g, int height, int width, int startX, int startY, int length)
Within this method add:
// Create the client.
Client client = new Client(this);
client.setColor(10, 10, 255);
client.setLocation(width / 2 – 96,

What’s New In ZIrc?

– has been built from the ground up to be compatible with every IRC server since its conception in 1996.
– supports unlimited join/part/quit message persistance (tokens)
– has an optional autoconnect feature
– has logins.
– has the ability to lock a message and later re-post it (multiple times).
– supports dcc file transfers
– supports dcc gzip zip files.
– supports multi connection configuration.
– supports text colors (and syntax coloring), auto correction, auto line wrapping, auto indent, auto emphasis, auto bold, and many other features.
– allows you to change your text color with the mouse, and the change propagates to the other clients connected to your server.
– you can change your text color and background color with the mouse, and the change propagates to the other clients connected to your server.
– when using several clients in a single session, you can easily switch between them using the zirc’s config utility.
– clients can pass the state of the mouse to each other, which allows for chat participation in non-server specific games such as Quake, Unreal Tournament, or other titles.
– automatic nick completion for the current connection.
– supports con-specific nick completions
– supports the use of regular expressions in nick completions.

zirc brings with it a host of server-independent options, all provided by configuration.


– ident (numeric) color
– nick (numeric) color
– nick (variable) color
– autoexec (current connection)
– autoexec (defined in [global])
– autoexec (defined in [other])
– autorejoin (current connection)
– autorejoin (defined in [global])
– autorejoin (defined in [other])
– mouse_option
– mouse_option (numeric)
– mouse_option (variable)
– mouse_option (global)
– mouse_option (defined in [global])
– mouse_option (defined in [other])
– ctrl_option
– ctrl_option (numeric)
– ctrl_option (variable)
– ctrl_option (global)
– ctrl_option (defined in [global])
– ctrl_option (defined in [other])
– input_enabled
– input_enabled (numeric)
– input_

System Requirements:

Windows 7 – 64bit
1.6 GHz Dual Core processor
12 GB Hard Drive
Intel i5 CPU or AMD equivalent
2 GB of available memory (3 GB for early game testing)
DirectX 9.0c
Windows 7 (64-bit) or later
1.5 GHz processor
Windows Vista (32-bit)
There will be a number of differences for the two platforms, and we will detail them below.


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