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You need to allow everything to be selected when you use this technique to avoid inadvertently de-selecting parts of your image. If you don’t, you’ll have to deselect the image first.

# Making Layers Work for You

Photoshop’s advantage over other photo-editing programs such as Apple’s iPhoto and Google’s Picasa is that you can stack (or lay out) several layers on top of each other, working on them separately if necessary, and then erase them all to create a single image.

Layers provide the flexibility to create different areas of an image and use them later. Figure 10-5 shows a file with three layers layered on top of each other. You can see a selection of sky, grass, and the ground—so you can change one of the layers without affecting the others.

Figure 10-5. Use layers to work on different areas of an image and create a final image without destroying or losing the previous work.

To add or change a layer, choose Layer⇒New, and then click the + sign to add a new layer. You can add a new layer every time you open the file or just on occasion. It makes sense to add a new layer when you need a different part of the image: When a change affects part of an image on one layer, you might want to save it and work on the other layer. You can also create separate layers for part of an image and then merge them later. For example, if you take a photo of a landscape and want to enhance the sky without changing the ground or the path in front of you, create a new layer, click on the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Canvas, and click on the Sky layer. Make sure you create a new layer when you do this so you don’t inadvertently combine the two layers and lose the sky.

When you save an image, the program saves your

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How to install Photoshop Elements

As we use the latest version, follow the instructions below:

How to uninstall Photoshop Elements

Step 1: Go to Start > Control Panel

Step 2: Click on the Uninstall a Program option at the left

Step 3: Click on Photoshop Elements Uninstall, the settings will disappear and then click on OK


You can now have a working version of Photoshop Elements by downloading the installation package here.

Need more help? Visit this Photoshop Elements Help page.

1. How do I start Photoshop Elements?

When you install the software and load it for the first time, you will see a welcoming menu. You can now select the Software option for the first time.

The Software options are as follows:

3D tools



Content-aware fill

Clipping mask

Cloud-based storage

Color editing

Composite images



Filter gallery


Format Painter


Image adjustments


Markup tools

Merge layers

Minimize layers

Motion tracking

Navigation controls

Performance tools

Perspective grid



Renaming files

Retouching tools

Scanning tools

Slideshow Tools

Smart object

Snap to grid


Text tools

Thumbnail Gallery



Version information


You can use the software by using the home, software, view, and check for updates options.

Check for updates option:

If you are running the previous version of Photoshop Elements, you will see an option to update the software


It loads the software


It shows the software features


This option opens the software in full screen mode

Check for updates option:

This option shows you the previous and the current version of the software

2. How do I open Photoshop Elements?

The software is a standalone application, which means you have to download and install the software first. You can then open the software by going to the software folder and open the Photoshop Elements program.

You can also press Windows + R to open the software.

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Version 19:

Steam Version: PC
Steam OS: OS X 10.7 or later, Windows 7 or later
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Minimum Processor: CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k 2.8GHz
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570, AMD HD 5870
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0-compliant sound card
Storage: 1 GB available space
Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse
Mac Version: PC

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