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“HyperMotion is a powerful tool for us to really enhance the realism of on-the-ball actions,” said Peter Dragicevich, FIFA Lead Producer. “With FIFA, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of what players can do, and to take players to the next level of play. By capturing and using the movements of real players, we’re creating a new level of realism and quality in the game.”

FIFA 22 delivers a new way to play the game by using the controller’s motion sensor to enable players to move more freely and naturally. Players run with their own speed, regardless of their position on the pitch. FIFA 22 introduces three distinct “grips” that can be mixed and matched to boost players’ mobility and push the boundaries of creativity on the pitch: Natural input, Precision input and Free input.

FIFA 22 features a new, more intuitive scorekeeping system that enables players to track multiple matches in real time. The new graph-based functionalities display game data for players and managers and can be used to view multiple matches and players from any angle, enabling managers to see all of a player’s stats on any given match.

For the first time in FIFA, the entire game is one new hub where all action takes place, launching players into matches, substitutions and multiple new player and manager modes. With total control of the pitch, players can alternate their starting lineup in real-time for instant and customizable depth of gameplay.

Key Features:

FIFA 22 is the most complete and accessible FIFA title ever. Featuring all new FUT Champions, HUT and FIFA Ultimate Team modes, a streamlined “My Club” mode, new player, manager and crowd interactions, and expanded online functions, FIFA 22 lets fans bring their friends and clubs together for the ultimate fan experience, bringing their favorite clubs to life.

Pitch-to-Court gameplay

On-the-ball actions are crucial to playability. With 22 players, FIFA 22 is the most realistic football simulation of all time. The continuous evolution of pitch-to-court gameplay is unprecedented, providing players with the ultimate freedom to execute on-the-ball movements and create more creativity, precision and control on the pitch.

Precise handling

FIFA 22 features natural input, which empowers players to play the game with the precision and speed of a true


Features Key:

  • Live in the world of Football. Enjoy a balanced, authentic and visually spectacular gameplay that includes over 500 iconic stadiums, a vastly improved game engine and player behaviors such as flopping and nicknaming.
  • Innovative, hyper-realistic vision (and physics) – including 4K Ultra HD and virtual reality technologies.
  • Accurate matchday experience. Select your favourite stadium, and experience a matchday environment that gives you a real feel of a full stadium.
  • Move with the game’s greatest. Feel the grass, run like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and drive with precision, speed and control. Proactively use the facilities available on the pitch and dominate.

Game modes include:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Create and play your own team of real-world Football greats. Make your own team of star players, create your own team of legends and make your own unique persona for the pitch as a player or manager.
  • Player Career Mode – Get ready for FIFA’s most authentic experience to date! Develop your club, style your kit, design your stadium, manage your team. Play how you want to play – as a manager or a Pro. Showcase your passion on the pitch as a Pro player or as a manager.
  • My PES – integrate both first and third-person modes into your FIFA Ultimate Team – Includes managing a football club and tracking your talent progression.
  • Retro Legends
    Kicker: Historical Featured Gameplay modes


Fifa 22 For PC Latest

Powered by Football™ brings the game’s iconic gameplay to life in all-new ways and delivers the deepest gameplay innovations in the series.

FIFA 19 delivers the most authentic, fluid and exciting gameplay experience, putting fans back into the game-day atmosphere where the biggest moments in soccer happen, in a game that feels more connected to the sport than ever. The game’s gameplay was upgraded in every area to offer players an incredible experience, whether they play offline or online.

Experience the fast-paced, free-flowing, high-energy football of the beautiful game like never before.

The improvements to player intelligence and behavior that debut in FIFA 20 are expanded in FIFA 21, allowing for more dynamic interactions with the game and the ability for fans to more easily identify trends that occur in real-life.

FIFA 21 also introduces improved 3D match atmosphere, pitch deformation, goal celebrations, lighting and crowds, all of which bring the crowd to life and help create a more authentic experience. FIFA 19’s “The Journey” was expanded to include a world cup-winning team in Argentina, increasing immersion even more with a more realistic player personality and instant emotional connection to the game’s world.

FIFA 21: The Journey

The Journey is FIFA’s largest single-player storyline, beginning with an opening sequence that follows a player from youth through to their first big-club adventure. This single-player campaign spans the entirety of the World Cup, from qualification to the final.

It’s your dream and your story and a wider world of fascinating characters and new challenges await. You’ll journey across the world, play as your favorite clubs and form a bond with your heroes, and as you progress through the single-player campaign and challenge yourself through Career Mode, your story will change and evolve.

FIFA 21’s “The Journey” is your path to World Cup glory.

Every World Cup™ is like no other. Play the way you want with the most innovative new features, including a new FIFA Ultimate Team board and wider personalisation options, allowing you to be the ultimate fan.

FIFA 20: Play the Way You Want

Player positioning is now more important than ever. The revised AI logic allows the players to more accurately read and react to the situations they find themselves in on the pitch. Players will now use a wider range of tactics when playing out from the back,


Fifa 22 With Serial Key Download

Manage your dream team with FIFA Ultimate Team. Introducing new ways to build your team, connect your online persona with your playing style, and unlock one of more than 1,000 players, add-ons, kits, and other collectibles, from some of the best players of all time.


EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 delivers the biggest gaming package to date, with new ways to play any way you want. Choose from Classic and New Game Modes, or head straight into the most popular modes in FIFA and EA SPORTS™ FIFA. Welcome to FIFA’s 21st century.

Classic Match

Head into the Manager Mode or Ultimate Team to work your way through the campaign, play against your friends, or enjoy classics such as Beach Kick, Beach Soccer, and the Longest Match in the World. FIFA 22 also includes hundreds of leagues, and a revised Career Mode that lets you focus on your individual goals.

Manage your club and play now

Enjoy the multiplayer mode previously known as Be a Pro, where you can manage your club from any of the Career Modes. Play through the campaign as Manager or Player in one-on-one games or mix things up with online and split-screen matches with friends. The Career Mode introduces brand new features, including the ability to sell your star players to other clubs, and a customisable Player Contract to design your ideal squad.

Solo Player

Play as a Pro for the first time in the game, and compete as a one-man army in a variety of modes, including a two-player local split-screen co-op and a fully featured Online Mode. Race against friends, download new skills, and climb through the ranks as you unlock the game, starting with the likes of Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimović, or look for a favourite team mate from across FIFA. You’ll have to start from the bottom and work your way to the top to progress through the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Manage your dream team with FIFA Ultimate Team. Introducing new ways to build your team, connect your online persona with your playing style, and unlock one of more than 1,000 players, add-ons, kits, and other collectibles, from some of the best players of all time.

Create a fantasy team with the new FIFA Ultimate Team card system. Mix and match cards, customise your squads, and even manage them as a brand new franchise.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New card movement and stadium animations, designed to imitate the actions and feel of real players on the pitch.
  • Career Mode.
  • Save, Load, Full-screen and options.
  • Four Ultimate Team modes.
  • Rivals.
  • New interaction with the environment and passing and shooting.
  • New broadcasting features. In-game post match interviews. Meet the Press._

Upcoming Features:

  • Matchday. Tune in for thrill inducing new visuals and commentary.
  • The Journey: Fans, improved user experience.
  • The Pro Era: Appearance tokens, make your team your own.
  • League Management Season. Authenticated club apps, take the helm.
  • Expanded Squad Building.


Free Fifa 22 [Latest]

FIFA, the number one selling sports videogame in the world, has captivated players for more than 25 years. Electronic Arts delivers the authentic feeling of the sport with every blade of grass, every tackle, every flick of the ankle and every roar of the crowd. The new edition of the game, FIFA 22, will celebrate 25 years of fan-favorite football and has been built from the ground up for the next-gen consoles. Innovations and gameplay advances have never been more powerful.

Key Features

The FIFA experience is back bigger and better than ever before. EA SPORTS has brought together the best developers in the industry to reimagine gameplay, create a deeper and more realistic experience and deliver a true #PathToTheTop with FIFA 22.

The FIFA Experience reimagined

From the beginning, we created a new visual engine that brings players closer to the game’s match day experience. With new weather, crowds and pitch textures all created by the Lucas Film Games team, players feel more connected to the field than ever before. New Stadiums and Training Facilities are recreated in stunning detail to feel like you’re actually in the game.

Match Day Experience

The introduction of Backpasses allows players to see the pass before it is made and feel the contact. EA SPORTS COMBAT is the most advanced and authentic experience on next-gen consoles, responding to even the tiniest movement on the pitch. Players will have to adjust their game play to take advantage of the new conditions of the match.

This will be the first opportunity to play FIFA 22 on your Xbox One using the Kinect SDK for development and for players to have the most accurate experience possible.

Authenticity in Training

EA SPORTS COMBAT has been updated for FIFA 22. Now players will feel the impact of opponents’ players on their body. Players will also notice that the tactics have evolved with new defensive and offensive sequences, so players will be ready for the challenges that are most likely to come during a match.

FIFA Fan Connection

The FIFA experience is back bigger and better than ever before. EA SPORTS has brought together the best developers in the industry to reimagine gameplay, create a deeper and more realistic experience and deliver a true #PathToTheTop with FIFA 22.

The game’s always been iconic, but this year a whole host of new features have been added to celebrate its 25th anniversary. They include a


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