To discover more about “HyperMotion Technology”, let’s take a tour of how the technology is implemented in FIFA 22’s gameplay.

On the Right Side of the Field.

1. On-Ball

Your first impression on the pitch is the action that unfolds while your player is on the ball, and the physics engine plays a role in creating this experience. As the ball flies through the air, the physics system determines where it will land and how it will bounce. The physics system runs concurrently with the game’s physics engine, which controls how physics elements interact with each other.

Examples of how physics affects player movement include one-handed tackling and the trajectory of long passes.

Engineering Art

Using the engine, art and gameplay developers can create a complete play experience based on ball movement and player data. That means that the action on the field is largely driven by physics – and not by a predetermined set of rules.

2. Tackles

Tackling action is powered by physics – which means that, unlike FIFA 16, can deliver different types of tackles, depending on how the tackle is delivered. The engines physics engine can distinguish between high and low tackles; a right tackle with high impact will cause your player to spin – whereas a low tackle with low impact will result in a deflection.

Engineering Art

Unlike in FIFA 16, Physics will now factor in how much of the player is in contact with the ball, and various other factors, like the players studs and the ball’s spin, to deliver different types of tackles. Not only will physics determine the number of studs that can stick, but the actual physics of the type of tackle that occurs will depend on the energy of the tackle and the contact made.

3. Overhead Dribble

The physics engine can determine the trajectory of a player’s on-ball action. When approaching opponents, you can use an on-ball dribble to avoid a challenge, sidestep a challenge, or beat a challenge by ducking under the arm of a defender and changing direction.

Engineering Art

The player’s speed and the energy of the player’s movements on the ball will determine the move’s actual trajectory.

From Success to Failure.

4. One-Hand Tackles

For FIFA 21, we enhanced how tackling works


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • More authentic feeling gameplay with a new dribbling and shooting system that builds on the improvements from FIFA 19. It’s quicker, more reactive and faster.
  • New football world connects nine different leagues from all over the globe and allow you to progress through your clubs in international tournaments. It makes the managing of clubs and national teams more fluid and real. Now you can win trophies in England, Spain, China, Italy or Germany or you can even challenge these world-class leagues.
  • Enhanced Champions League, adding a real-life squad rotation system and the ability to enter a bidding war in the Champions League qualifiers. Players will also be subject to regular call-ups to their national team and will have the opportunity to take on the world’s best.
  • A new Be A Pro™ development system that can unlock professional training. This allows you to set up your footy school with no past qualifications to get to the top. Prepare to be schooled in pads and boots as you learn drills, passing, shooting and tackling to become a Pro.
  • New Create-a-Player feature allows you to jump into the role of a new football pro. Sign your man at Pro and craft a custom-made journey through training camp to play a 50-minute Career. You get to build a custom-made Playmaker, Take No Prisoners, Speedster, Playmaker, Target Man or all-round pro through skill progression based on specific tendencies and roles.
  • New Nitro Season – a monthly tournament mode featuring online competitions, leagues, or just a quick game of football. You can face-off with friends, your team or other players.
  • Unlock the best players from across the world by training your custom-made player with the Virtually Create a Pro feature. Train your Make-a-Pro to play as a Goalkeeper.
  • Find out more on the new features. More information as we get it.


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FIFA is a series of association football games created by EA Canada, now EA Sports. The original game debuted in September 1991, and has sold more than 125 million units worldwide.

The FIFA series has spawned numerous annualized sequels, and among the most recent games are the FIFA franchise, FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online.

Over the years, FIFA has evolved from its college football roots to a pure soccer title, and given the shift from 2D gameplay to 3D graphics, players have been given greater control over tactics on the pitch and changes in the rules of the game. A new business model called The Journey, which features players taking their passion from the game into the real world, has also been introduced, and it draws comparisons to soccer’s other popular series: the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

What are the game modes in FIFA?

FIFA includes 11 game modes, all of which have a best-in-class mode unique to each game mode. New-to-FIFA modes include One-on-One, which requires players to dribble, shoot, and score goals in a 1v1 match, and Squad Goals, which replaces the conventional shots on goal with team-based goals. Other new-to-FIFA modes include Attack, which is a 3v3 mode where attackers must score through direct shots, timed headers and throw-ins, and Game Select, a single-match mode with eleven pre-set scenarios and the ability to customize a few game rules.

FIFA features the following game modes:

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode where users create teams of real and fictitious players and build a team from over 700 players of more than 100 leagues and competitions around the globe. In this mode, players earn points by unlocking content and earning points by completing challenges, which are tasks that can be done throughout the gameplay.

PUMPS™ Kick Off

PUMPS™ Kick-Off is FIFA Ultimate Team’s newest, and the cheapest, soccer game mode. In this mode, users compete in a virtual 11v11 exhibition match using teams of real or created players. Teams can earn a PUMPS-DLC by scoring goals, and are guaranteed at least one win in this mode.

Create a Club

Create a Club is a mode where players create their own team of real and fictitious players from over 300 leagues, competitions and world cup tournaments.


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The greatest soccer players in the world are at your command. They are yours to collect, upgrade and use in Ultimate Team – the all-new way to build and play your Ultimate Team and compete against others online.

Stadium Builder – The Home of the All-New Stadium Builder
Construct the perfect stadium for your fans to cheer on their favorite team. Choose from any of the approved 4,000 stadium templates, then design your stadium to capture the spirit of your city with highly-detailed stadiums and other structures. Use a variety of customization options to customize your stadium including changing the color of the turf and even moving the stadium location.

Physics Engine improvements – The detailed physics engine in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA 22 is what makes the game feel so great. FIFA 22 pushes the envelope on what we’ve seen in the previous games, by looking more realistic than ever. We’ve applied cutting edge physics changes to every aspect of the game, such as AI improvement, ball trajectory, controlling and more.


Introducing FIFA Ultimate Team, the all-new way to build and compete against opponents with your own unique collection of footballing heroes.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Play more and earn more than ever with this new way to construct, collect and play your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Master League – Test your soccer skills as you compete against the best players in the world in a new 4-on-4 weekly tournament.

New Club Careers – Manage and lead your new club all the way to the top as both a manager and a player.

FIFA 22 Player Ratings – Identify your favorite players using the NEW FIFA 22 Player Ratings that look at both player performance as well as the influence he has on the team.

New Post-Match Analysis – Get even more in-depth analysis of the key performances in any match, as well as an opportunity to take revenge on your rivals.

Hi, I’m a big fan of this game and was about to buy it until I saw that it was only for multiplayer. A lot of people complain that the single player mode is ridiculously easy even with control scheme set to the normal defaults for both console and pc. So if you have control scheme set to stock, have you found it easier? Have you found that the controls are actually easier?

Hi, I’m a big fan of this game and was about to buy it until I saw that it was only for


What’s new:

  • “Snap controls” – A simple, intuitive control system that allows you to perform an action directly from the ball.
  • Post-match Moments – An all-new feature that will allow you to relive the best moments of your most memorable matches. Snap a photo or record a video tribute to your best goals, create an amusing GIF for your social media networks or share memories with friends and family.
  • New stadium features – Play in stadiums with dynamic features such as the best displays, wide players, new crowd chants, graffiti, mascot characters and much more.


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FIFA is the game that lets you live, breathe and play like the world’s best footballers. By yourself or in a friend’s living room, at a tournament or online with millions of players from around the world. FIFA makes football the most played sport in the world – and the most social. FIFA is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. © FIFA 2013 FIFA Licensed Product of Electronic Arts Inc. & EA International (P) Ltd. More details can be found at and

About FIFA

FIFA represents the world’s game. With over 211.000 licensed players, the FIFA World Player of the Year trophies are amongst the most prestigious prizes in the sports calendar. FIFA has also been the most popular sports game series for more than 15 years, and has sold more than 270 million games. FIFA is the most popular sports game series, with more than 270 million games sold to date. FIFPro and FIFA are trademarks of EA SPORTS Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

All-new Authentic Player Motion-Animation System and new Player Ball Physics

Powered by Football’s next-generation engine, the all-new Authentic Player Motion-Animation System brings AI-controlled players to life with unparalleled accuracy and intelligence. Now players react to the momentum of the ball and the unpredictability of the pitch, making them move like real athletes do when taking on defenders, finding a pass or shooting a shot. You’ll feel the velocity and power of the ball through the opposition like never before.

Meanwhile, the new Player Ball Physics delivers a radical new level of realism. Player control the ball with enhanced visual feedback. Midfielders and strikers now have the ability to flick the ball with a flick of the stick, making them a one-man striking force. Midfielders can also curl or direct the ball from long distances and defenders can make agile, unpredictable runs with pinpoint accuracy.

New Pitch Deformation Technology

New Pitch Deformation technology unleashes an avalanche of movement as the surface changes to better reflect how the pitch naturally behaves. Dents and bumps now cover the surface of the pitch to mirror the nature of the surface and create a more unpredictable playing surface. Moving surfaces also mean players can control the ball more naturally, allowing them to run with the ball and also deflect it to teammates.

AI Tactical Decision Engine

AI Tactical Decision Engine optimizes


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Core 2 Duo 2GHz or faster (3.1 GHz recommended)
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon HD 3870
Version 9.0c
DirectX compatible sound card
How to Install:
1. Download the file
2. Copy the downloaded file to your computer
3. Go to the folder where you copied the file
4. Run the installer
5. Follow the instructions


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