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Bridging the past and future, HyperMotion Technology enables player movements in real-time, creating a more realistic experience to a greater degree than in previous versions of the FIFA series.

The result is a new, more fluid, immersive and realistic gameplay experience. The match quality has been improved further than ever before. A more natural movement of every player results in even more exciting matches. In the build, every one of the more than 8,000 player animations has been modified to the new tempo, which in turn results in even more realistic gameplay. Also, the match-making system, so fundamental in the FIFA series, has been expanded for players in both offense and defense.

Some of the key improvements:

Advancements in FIFA Interactive Training (FIT)

FIT enables players to train in a fully integrated environment with up to 55 minutes of gameplay. It includes advanced analytics to illustrate how the player trained in the game, how he played during the match and which drills he needs to refine before the next match. During the training session, players can also replay specific parts of the match using their dribble, shoot or head the ball. FIT allows players to observe and analyze their performance in the game, and receive personalized feedback to improve their performance.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FUT, a unique all-in-one collection featuring interactive challenges, Pick ‘n’ Play, Custom Drafts, Player Progression, Contests and Packs, has been enhanced to reflect the changing trends of modern football. This feature is a great tool to make sure you equip your team with the right kit and improve your squad over time.

FUT now comprises three different game modes to cater to the needs of different users:

1) Team: Build a professional team of all the players that fit your playing style. Take your time to customize all the attributes of each player and discover new tactics or draft picks that are changing the football scene.

2) Practice: Practice your skills by taking the FIFA goalkeeper challenge and play a game without the pressure of a match.

3) Tournament: Earn rewards as you rank up in tournaments all around the world. Tournament matches are set up between players from different clubs of the same league and you can challenge different European leagues to win exclusive prizes.

Training mode

FIFA Ultimate Team is now complemented by an all-new Training Mode. Here


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • True Player Motion Drives the gameplay with thousands of authentic animations, including over 150 new moves. This features, including blind side deflections, reflexes, one-touch passes, and more. See how the ball reacts under your control, feel the power and precision of the player’s counter attacks, trickery, and reactions.
  • Emotions are Back FIFA 22 returns to the core football experience of being a player, feeling the breeze against your face, the intensity of the crowd and being told by the commentators what’s going on. Feel the heat of the atmosphere, step inside the stadium, breathe life into your players.
  • Newzones Use the Bonus Team Setting to play against a team of your friends by changing the Name of your ultimate team, your formation and more. Fight for the chance to win Trophies and exclusive World Clubs.
  • Legacy Goes Pro The legacy system is reinvented to ensure each player’s career is unique. Develop your players like never before, adding potential to skill, strength, intelligence and beauty. Pick and train a player to specialize in one area of your squad, then attract followers who can be nurtured to become stars.
  • Team Management Exclusive new features give you complete control of your team, including formations, tactics, kits and much more.
  • Authentic Team Styles Pick a team from the game’s unique design templates, featuring historical team and player kits. Whether wearing traditional red and white stripes or more contemporary designs, your fantasy squad will reflect that style when you lock it in.
  • Fan Interaction Feel the heartbeat of the crowd and experience the emotion of playing in legendary stadiums and select your play your best football moments right on your gamepad. Use the theatre mode to harness your passion and thrill of competing in your very own virtual stadium.


Fifa 22 License Key (Latest)

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the most authentic football simulation on consoles with improved, real-world gameplay – and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at launch. Winning the World Cup™ has never been more difficult, but it’s never been more rewarding. Now, get on-pitch and experience the excitement of this year’s FIFA World Cup™ including:

Powered by Football™

The new engine delivers the most realistic and authentic gameplay ever. New controls, new abilities, and a completely new artificial intelligence system drive the tactical depth of gameplay. How will you tackle the new FIFA World Cup™?

Reigned in

Never miss a chance to score. New “controlled Dictation” commands allow for instinctive shots and builds a personal shot library you can unleash at anytime.

Measuring up

New “Reverse Tackle” and “Weighted Ball Blocked” counters bring the defensive intensity to a new level. Is your opponent going to score or not?

The moment of truth

Every pass, shot, off the ball movement and interception is now tracked, so you know when and where pressure comes from.

Even more control

Inspired by recent innovations in video gaming, like the “DualShock 4” controller, the new thumb sticks allow for precise control of free kicks, wall passes, and dribbling.

Maximizing your technique

Every player can now maximise their potential with “Power Estimate”, a new control that allows players to swap between pace and power when the situation demands.

New Skills

No-look, chip and lob strikes add another dimension to your skill set and become more effective as the match progresses.

The co-op experience

Re-live the World Cup™ in four-player online co-op. Make it a barbecue or a celebration, co-op FIFA is the best way to experience the world’s biggest sporting spectacle.

FIFA World Cup™ Official Game Modes

The UEFA Champions League is still a massive tournament when it comes to soccer, and FIFA 20 now includes the UEFA Champions League in the World Cup mode. During your Journey, you’ll have multiple exciting matches in the tournament, including a number of head-to-head matches against historical international and national teams.

The FIFA World Cup™ tournament will be coming to PlayStation 4


Fifa 22 With Key Free [2022]

Add your favorite players from the history of the game and then head into a world tournament to compete for glory on the pitch. With more than 2,000 players to choose from, your squad is only limited by your imagination.

Live United Kingdom – Play on a team inspired by the real British Premier League. Compete in British League Finals and increase your score by drawing on skillful actions, demanding goal celebrations, and playing on brand-new pitches and stadiums.

Customise your team and stadium –

Embark on a unique journey as you create the ultimate soccer experience. Discover your favorite football characters and players from across the globe to bring the game to life. Starting with the basics, each journey is unique and features custom animations and unique challenges. Each journey can be completed in one of four ways:

Play the game as you would normally: play an actual match and earn the points you would normally earn in the game.
Play the game as the opposition: play the game as your rivals and beat them in the most skillful ways
Challenge Exposé: select the most intense difficulty setting to complete an even more challenging test of your skills
Play on your own: play the game solo, with only yourself to compete against.

In-game Customisation –

Customise your FIFA 22 experience with a number of customisation features, including:

Themed challenges: you can play through challenges inspired by the season’s biggest stories including the FIFA 10th anniversary, Club World Cups, FIFA 17 Line Up and more.
Upgrade your team, stadium and equipment: adjust players kits, stadium and goalkeepers equipment using the new in-game upgrade system.


The world of football is now even bigger than before, and in the latest edition of FIFA 22, you’ll experience a complete revamp of FIFA’s international clubs and leagues, including the introduction of the North American Soccer League.


FIFA 22 brings the biggest update to the roster of footballers in its history, giving you the ability to train and play football as 31 of the top footballers in the world.


FIFA Ultimate Team –
In celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary and more than 2,000 new player cards, FIFA Ultimate Team has been completely rebuilt. Build your Ultimate Team and then play against your friends or download your favourite players to continue the game anytime you want


What’s new in Fifa 22:

    FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology”, which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.

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