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Impact Engine 2 is a new gameplay engine that is now used across all three modes, delivering new and improved tactile feedback, ball physics, ball speed, ball processing, ball collision, ball control, dynamic animations, player movement and artificial intelligence.

“Today, we launched the latest version of FIFA,” said VP of Marketing Danny Jacobs. “We are delivering high-fidelity, high-intensity football on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and we’re bringing this high-fidelity, high-intensity football to Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In addition, FIFA comes with all of the features you’re used to, including innovative new features like the Update Center and Guide, as well as the FIFA Ultimate Team, which continues to expand in the coming months. It’s a great addition to the FIFA experience.”

FIFA is the most popular sports franchise in the world and the FIFA franchise is the #1 console sports franchise globally with over 120 million players on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

About Electronic Arts Inc.

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world’s leading interactive entertainment company. Founded in 1982, the Company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive entertainment software worldwide for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA Sports™, EA™, EA SPORTS BIG™ and PLEX™. In fiscal 2013, Electronic Arts had revenue of $4.0 billion and had 20 titles that sold more than one million copies. More information about EA is available at

About FIFA The official videogame of FIFA is a milestone for the franchise, delivering features never before seen in the history of videogames. Here are just a few highlights: True Player Motion™: The official FIFA videogame introduces a revolutionary version of the technology the global football industry has been waiting for. HyperMotion Technology on all 3 platforms allows players to feel every tackle, header, every pass, every control the ball as never before.

Real Player Motion™: The world’s first ever gameplay engine that truly feels like you are playing an official football match. All of the official rules of the game are applied, allowing football fans to feel exactly how a real-life football match is played.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New faces and tricks to compete and play like never before.
  • New Mega Eagles – The best club in the world – and the first club-controlled player created by EA SPORTS; new ways to create and control your own personalized star.
  • The World Class – The best players from around the world come together to compete in one of the most immersive and action packed FIFA titles of all time; manage your Dream Team in this new version of the sport.
  • Team of the Year – Enjoy the most in-depth celebrations, goals, and special moments of each and every team in the game.
  • Pro Clubs
  • Manage your own club in the most authentic football simulation ever.
  • Choose from 32 pro clubs from around the world and unlock more with authentic player contracts.
  • Beautiful stadiums
  • New AI controlled fans and crowd and stunning HD crowd textures that create an unprecedented in-game atmosphere.
  • New player animations with improved face and hair rendering and more realistic tackle animations.
  • Next generation matchday fan banter with a new crowds walking around the pitch and a new Players Knee Down feature as well as new crowd responses to key events.
  • New lighting, day/night scape, atmosphere, crowd action and camera effects.
  • New in-game commentary
  • Now featuring a new commentary team that will work together to create and deliver commentary that caters to football purists and fans.
  • Improved camera angles — the player cam is now fully featured and there is a new Behind the Goal camera used for penalty and spot kick situations.
  • The rEBALL system now reacts to the ball.
  • 300+ New animations
  • New hand animations: the ball will now bounce realistically off the feet of your players and features the new grasp and apex traits that will give goalkeepers a greater range of intercepting options.


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FIFA is the largest sport videogame franchise in the world with current EA releases in the franchise including FIFA Soccer, FIFA Street, FIFA World Cup 2014, FIFA 15 and FIFA 17. FIFA franchise player cards can be used to purchase new players from the same series as your favorite player. FIFA franchise player cards can also unlock extra content in the game, a career mode and additional stadiums.

The FUT Champions mode features FIFA Ultimate Team, which lets you play and manage the very best team you can imagine. With FUT Champions, you will be able to gain access to brand new players, additional specialities and unique items in the game and play and manage your collection of the best players in the game. Additionally, FUT Champions features an Ultimate Team draft mode, head-to-head and versus modes and the ability to fully customize your squad with the new player editor.

FIFA Ultimate Team Championships feature competitions with other players around the world. Play in official FIFA tournaments with the game’s new online tournaments system, or enter a custom tournament of your own design with the ability to put your skills to the test. The game’s offline LAN mode lets players compete with friends locally in a custom tournament. Other competitions include Last Tango, Goalkeeper, Player Duel and others.

FIFA Ultimate Team is unique in the videogame industry because it is based on real-life soccer experiences. The experience of playing against virtual opponents with real-life statistics on and off the pitch has made Ultimate Team one of the most popular in all of sports games.


* Team Management Mode

Powered by Football™. Take the reigns of a football club from the very beginning and build your squad by purchasing new players and equipment to take you all the way to the Premier League. With over 6.4 million active player records, FIFA Mobile is the place to learn, create and share player profiles and enjoy unique achievements.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA Mobile is free to download on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore worldwide. Please visit for more information.

FIFA Mobile lets you create teams of up to 99 players and take to the pitch in a variety of modes. There are three main modes available; FIFA Ultimate Team, Season Mode and Quick Play.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, you can manage your club from the moment you start the game until you retire from football. The game will also


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Build, adapt and control your very own dream team with real-world footballers and take on the challenges of the UEFA Champions League™ and UEFA Europa League™, as you battle to complete the game’s comprehensive Ultimate Team mode – your epic showdown against your friends is the ultimate proof that you were born for football.

FUT Champions – FIFA offers the ultimate football fan experience with its FUT Champions mode, with the most complete, realistic and insightful statistics available in all of football. Now you can compete against your favourite players and clubs, and work on your off-the-field tactics with all-new gameplay features to take your career to the next level and compete against real world clubs.Q:

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Brand new “Arcade Mode” brings the intensity and variety of the real-world game into FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • AI Quality Scouting, which allows you to manually set your team’s best attributes to add variety, and to fine tune your squad.

  • PES 2016 Engine, featuring full three dimensional (3D) ball physics, advanced ball control, and engineered in-game physics that create responsive and authentic-feeling gameplay.

  • Player Damage Model, which accurately depicts a player’s exhaustion when the number of touches they make goes down, and also reacts to environmental elements such as fog, ice, snow, dust and rain.

  • Injuries System, which allows you to carry a single injury and play, and adjust your recovery rate, fitness level, and player attributes according to the level of the injury.

  • Massive new Prozone Visual Layer, which brings you the most advanced player tracking in FIFA to date, including reliable tracking of over 1,000 separate player attributes, accurate tracking of player path, and accurate tracking of player movement off the ball.

  • Revolutionary Goalkeeping System, with an all-new Defensive Controller and Precision Follow-Up System that gives more depth to the positioning of your shot, and provides more precision with fine tuning.

  • Improved Touchdown Animation, which now allows you to choose from 4 different types of accurate and responsive touchdown animations.

  • Rebellion, with dedicated single and multiplayer editor, for players who want to create and experience new ways to play and share their ideas with the world.

  • Full EASA licensing, with the broadest international range of licenses of any sports game in history, in over 80 world regions.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22™, formerly FIFA Soccer, is the official videogame of football. Created by EA Canada, it is the best-selling videogame franchise in history. It is available in 193 countries and more than 90 languages. The previous game, FIFA Soccer 09, was the best-selling videogame of 2008.

The FIFA franchise continues to expand with FIFA World Cup Soccer, a 3D World Tour mode, the FIFA Ultimate Team Collection, FIFA Mobile, Fan Clubs, a new esports program, mobile platforms, interactive TV, and many special editions.

Join the Pro Evolution Soccer community and explore this site for additional articles, videos, and additional information.

The FIFA franchise has sold more than 265 million games and generated more than $8 billion in retail sales since its debut in 1994.

What are the new features in FIFA 22?

· Large Progression System Changes

· New Training Mode

· FIFA Ultimate Team (new 3D World Tour mode)

· FIFA Mobile

· New Complete Season Mode

· New Enhanced Squad Management

· 8 New Pro Clubs from leagues around the world

· Community Manager

· Intelligent Crowd

· New Visuals and Visual Effects

1) Large Progression System Changes

This year, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 contains numerous important gameplay changes for the first time in the franchise’s history. These include:

· Introduction of new offensive style, such as direct free kicks, long distance shots, and diverse set pieces, including corner kicks, chip shots, and free kicks.

· More control of player movements and individual offensive and defensive skills than before.

· The combination of player strength (physical power) and speed (agility) is more balanced.

· More realistic training and development in FIFA 22.

· More detailed passing animations, including the position, timing and movement of the ball, are visually improved.

· New visual effects in the game engine.

· New dribbling movements, such as the “shimmy”, “peek-a-boo”, and “whistle-stop”.

· New receiving and passing controls.

· More realistic positioning of players on the pitch.

· New layoff pattern.

· New animations for goalkeepers, such as diving for a ball.

· New celebrations for goal scorers.



How To Crack:

  • Just Download and extract the crack file you have downloaded from the link given in the third step.
  • Now run the setup.exe and follow the instructions to install the game.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Dual Core 1.5 GHz Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB graphics memory and 1 GB DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card or video display capable of 1280×720 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 35 MB available space
Sound Card: Microsoft® Sound card
Additional Notes:
Keyboard and Mouse are required for game play

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