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The idea of _intelligence_ is important to understanding what the analogy of Photoshop’s layers means. Layers act like controls. Each time you click a layer’s drop-down menu option to open it, you’re creating a new layer. But when a layer is open, there’s no intelligence in that layer. You see the same graphic in every single pixel. To differentiate one layer from another, you must apply different filters, blend them with other layer’s, or change the brightness. This is why layers are so helpful. (Chapter 5 is a refresher if you need to brush up on your layers.)

You can go beyond traditional raster images with layers. Photoshop contains the latest developments in image editing, including adjustment layers, channel layers, HDR images, and transparency masks. Some of Photoshop’s most powerful features are built-in; you need only to find out how to access them.

## Getting to Know the Organizer Window

The Photoshop Organizer window (Window→Organizer) contains several of the tools you use to work with Photoshop and its layered files. The Organizer window is always open at the top of your desktop and lets you view the Image Bin, Library, and Projects panels.

The Image Bin (shown in Figure 4-1) is a list of all your images you’ve created, stored in the program. Under each of your images is a Preview image thumbnail (see Chapter 1 for details on how to activate the thumbnail so that you can see previews of images), a File Info thumbnail (shown in the middle of Figure 4-1), and a button with the name of the image underneath it. Simply double-clicking a thumbnail image opens an image in the Editor. When a picture is open in the Editor, you see the Organizer window’s Thumbnail strip (see Figure 4-2) at the bottom of the image window.

Figure 4-1: The Image Bin lists all the images you’ve created in the current session or saved to disk.

Figure 4-2: The Organizer window’s Thumbnail strip at the bottom of the Editor window.

Click the downward-pointing triangle to the right of the thumbnail strip to open the menu shown in Figure 4-3. (You can also click the three dots under the thumbnail strip.) You can open a list of your currently open images or go to the Image Bin window, which is especially handy for opening images on your hard drive in the Image Bin. (See Chapter 1

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Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing and graphics software. It is available both as a standalone version and as a free trial. Photoshop is powerful software with versatile features and capabilities that it uses to edit graphics and digital photos. It’s a flexible graphics tool and has many unique features. It includes an excellent collection of special effects, tools, and features that make it stand out from other tools and photo editing apps.

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As the number of proteins in a living cell reach astronomical levels, the problem of tracking them is becoming a central issue in systems biology. Proteins are usually one or two orders of magnitude smaller than the genome, and currently number in the tens of thousands. They perform far more diverse functions than DNA, which has only five protein types. The issue is complicated by the fact that proteins are natural catalysts, and will catalyze the production of an enzyme that changes their own function.

For instance, the dynein molecule is a protein that generates force, pulling organelles, and protein complexes along microtubules. In the brain, dynein transports messenger RNA (mRNA) to the axonal tip and helps to maintain proper protein expression. For a moment, just imagine what would happen if every molecule in a living cell were catalyzing new proteins of its own. As the proteome expands, the right questions to ask are not “What does the genome do?” but “What are the functions of this set of proteins?”

To answer such questions, researchers have turned to modern technologies like mass spectrometry and proteomics. Some have used these methods to map the content of the proteome: for instance, the proteins from a certain cell or tissue can be identified. However, that information does not tell us what they do to each other. The relationship between proteins and their functions is called biology.

Now, a new study by the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) uses a different technology called genome-wide association (GWA), and shows how it can be used to identify the functions of proteins, leading to a promising new approach to understanding how cells work. The study was published in Science on Feb. 5, 2013.

“It’s kind of a leap of faith that we can infer, from the presence of certain genes, that those genes are playing a role in a particular function,” says Geoff Schlom, a postdoctoral fellow at the MBL and first author of the paper. “The other leap of faith is that those functions are accurate, because they rely on detecting very specific chemical reactions that take place inside cells.”

For this study, Schlom, who is now a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington in Seattle, used a completely different approach to identify the functions of proteins. Rather than look at proteins’ functions in isolation, he examined them in the context of genes known

System Requirements For Photoshop CS4:

Minimum Requirements:
Requires a Pentium III or better 1.2 GHz or faster CPU (1 GHz minimum)
256 MB RAM
Super VGA 512 MB Video card
Hard Disk Space: 2.5 GB (5 GB recommended)
Windows XP or higher
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 98/Me
Mac OS X 10.1.3, 10.2 or higher
Additional Requirements:
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