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Will a professional guitar player have/need proper ear protection?

Many guides on the internet suggest using an ear plug that is comfortable, and then using an amp that does not overload your ears. How important is this for a professional guitar player? Also, there are ear plugs available that fit easily inside an ear, which cannot be heard by people around you.


A different scenario exists for a studio recording or rehearsal. I’ve heard that lots of great guitarists have way too low of volume in the studio or live performance: too much feedback and it can affect your playing.
Recordings need to be at a volume that doesn’t cause volume gain to feedback unless you want a tape echo.
Guitar players in rehearsal need to be able to hear their players (or band) in case of a sound check.
So in those cases, it’s not good to muffle your ears as you may need to hear clearly. In the studio, it’s not a question of hearing the guitar but being able to “hear” through the equipment, and you may need a good pair of headphones.
There’s a reason why drummers wear headphones – they are much better than plugs because they give you stereo separation and clearer, more detailed sound.
I don’t think plugging your ears is anything else than a simple discomfort, but it also seems to have a bad reputation as people who play many live gigs say that when they go back to a studio to record they get a bad ear because the drums sound too loud.
So, I recommend a good quality headphones that doesn’t muffle your ears because you can hear yourself but still be able to hear the band/studio.

Closed-loop simulation of the extracorporeal circulation by using multisensory neural interfaces.
Cardiac surgery carries the risk of brain damage caused by cerebral hypoxia or hypercarbia. Reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain can result in cerebral dysfunction and neurological deterioration after cardiac surgery. Therefore, maintaining adequate perfusion of cerebral and other tissues is a critical goal of circulatory management during cardiac surgery. We propose a methodology to achieve closed-loop simulation of extracorporeal circulation using a multisensory neural interface (MNI) able to sense cerebral oxygenation and carbon dioxide levels. Our MNI creates artificial sensory feedbacks concerning

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Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD + Key-TeamGBZ.rar
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I have a problem with my DVD video i try to burn the MP4 DVD video but it isn’t work and the program stop when it start to burn it. There are no error on screen and my DVD video is at max quality. There are no hardware problems. I have a laptop with ubuntu v. 10.10 and KDE desktop.


The problem is, that there is no newer version of the application, the old version have the bug,
that it is only allowed to do as much as 50% of the movie and then it stops.
There is only a patch for the old version on sourceforge,
but it is for linux (which you are not using),
and it does not work, because theres a new version of the application,
which works for the newest version of the DVD contents (which you are using).
The problem is, that the new version of the application is not Open Source, which means,
that there is no way, that you can fix the bug yourself.

The battle between the Big Brother producers and Big Brother Canada is back in the news. The producers are pulling up stakes and leaving Canada once again.

Let’s start at the beginning. An 18-year-old in Kingston, Ont. was selected to participate in the show. On screen he is known as “TV Star,” a sweet young man. He was a finalist in Canada’s Next Top Model when he was 12. He was also a contestant in several other reality shows. He has a bit of a following on Instagram and Facebook. He is a regular at Toronto’s Power Plant club. He was well-known to the hosts, producers and cameras. It appeared he had no chance to win. The producers had a better chance of finding a random, unemployed homeless person to enter the house.

The producers seem to think that Canada has a great number of schlubby houseguests. This year’s crop was never going to inspire any sympathy with the public. When the houseguests can’t remember the candidates, the voters have no

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