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Joueurs et journées de félicitations pour la sélection nationale de Madagascar, qui a remporté la coupe du monde de la FIFA 13 dimanche 21 mars : le PSG aurait notamment proposé le renouvellement d’Alessio, prolongé pour une question de poids, avec la spécificité de boucher le différentiel de sa clause de remplacement et une baisse de son salaire.

Cette opération, jugée difficile en décembre, n’a pas été réalisée par le club phare du Barça et du Marseillais. D’abord parce qu’ils n’ont pas toujours disposé d’un passe. Ensuite, la Presse sportive sait que le PSG n’a pas toujours su intégrer les différentiels de sa clause de remplacement ; un cas de figure récurrent dans la capitale de la France. Enfin, les dirigeants soucieux de la pérennité du club phare poussés à se montrer complaisant.

Le PSG accorde des primes en vue d’une prise d’une date limite

Pendant ce temps, les dirigeants du PSG ont autorisé le Barça et le Marseillais à convaincre l’attaquant du club phare de commander des journées de félicitations et des primes en vue de l’éventuelle signature de son nouvel entraîneur.

Dans un entretien à la chaîne espagnole TVE, Dani Alves, l’ancien international ayant témoigné de mémoire d’une rencontre avec Barça en février dernier, a indiqué que ce mercredi, le club catalan avait envoyé un mail disant qu’il ne s’étaient pas encore entendus sur le marché.

Les dirigeants du PSG ont envoyé un mail le 10 mars disant qu’ils ne sont pas encore parvenus à un accord sur le marché [avec le Barça].

Edit: If your still having this problem, open task manager (run-> type in “taskmgr” at the search bar) and end the following processes:
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The issue happens when you install a.NET (Windows) application which detects your previously deleted files and adds them as reference to the project.
In that case, the application creates a reference in the bin folder of your project that points to the file.
All you need to do is to delete that reference and recompile the application.
To do so, in VS, select “Project —> Options —> Projects and Solutions —> General —> Projects —> (Select your project) —> Bin folder (Target folder) —> Refresh.
That will solve the issue.

Archlinux without systemd – 3ds

Nice to read news, but the first comment is still a couple of days old. No
matter if the news is current or not, there is no reason to submit something
that has been posted yesterday again. Make it a new post or just comment that
it is still relevant, but not submit new stories.

the link is dead?


Second Item on Rails Paragraph tag drops inline

I’m trying to output a list on a web page using the paragraph tag.

I found that if you put one item in an array, it puts the tag down the page instead. The first one is the correct way to do it.
Here is the code I’m using:

If I just do this:

It puts the string correctly in the paragraph, but with the inline style.
Thanks for any help.


When you are using *

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Thank you


Ok the problem was that I had set the custom filter to “Mobilesw” but the right filters is “Mobile”

(1) Field of the Invention
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for configuring bus links among devices within a computer system.
(2) Description of the Prior Art
A computer system may have various devices, such as memory boards, bridges, I/O controllers and a CPU, coupled to a single common bus. The common bus is time multiplexed, so that the bus uses a portion of the time to transmit data, while the remainder of the time the bus is free to carry messages from one device to another. The mechanism for multiplexing the bus is called a bus arbitration protocol, and is generally implemented by a hardware arbitration circuit (e.g. which may be part of a CPU).
In a personal computer, the bus is generally in the form of a PCI or ISA bus. The PCI bus comprises a bus link or “bus lane” for each device that is connected to the bus. The bus arbitrator will grant arbitration rights to the devices that are coupled to the bus, so that they may share access to the bus with each other. The bus arbitration protocol provides the data path between devices, transmitting data packets between them in the time slots that are allocated to the devices by the arbitrator.
One application of computer bus connections is in communications applications. By connecting nodes to the bus, the nodes may communicate with each other over the bus, performing a variety of tasks, such as software loading, software updating, software running, etc.
Another application of computer bus connections is in the interconnection of a plurality of processors. In such a system, many processors would be connected to the bus, and each of the processors may operate asynchronously from each other. The processors would each need access to the bus to communicate with each other, and it would be desirable for the processors to be able to communicate with each other in a synchronous manner, as this will result in a faster system than systems that support asynchronous communications among the processors.
One example of an application that uses synchronous communications between a plurality of nodes is database management. In a database management system, the database is made up of one or more data objects (e.g. tables) and one or more data records. For example, in a relational database, the data records are a set of rows and columns of data,

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