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“After extensive gameplay playtesting with real footballers, we’re excited to be able to introduce HyperMotion Technology to the FIFA series,” said Jeff Robison, senior producer on FIFA 22. “We’re delivering more than just football, and this new, evolved version of the game rewards fans with a truly unique experience that reflects the intensity of a match.”

The game’s technical director, Lukas Rieder, further explained that the latest iteration of the influential soccer simulation is “incredibly ambitious.”

“Every detail has been put to the test, and we’re always looking for ways to evolve the core experience,” he said. “As we’ve been doing in the past, our goal with FIFA remains simple: to create the game that everyone wants.”

FIFA 22 will also feature new narrative and gameplay options, including the ability to re-capture the field of play using even more accurate technologies. New gameplay innovations will also support more accurate diving and tackle detection, providing realistic and responsive gameplay as players slide and take jumps to try to gain an advantage on the pitch.

FIFA 22 releases for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on September 28. For more information, visit

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 – Academy Edition

(Available for download starting September 11)

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features the best FIFA franchise play and gameplay, new features and more game modes than ever. The Academy Edition of FIFA 22 will be available for download starting September 11.


In addition to the announcement of the game’s title, new narrative features, and improved gameplay, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is set to deliver an experience that will set a new benchmark in FIFA gameplay.

New Features and Changes

HyperMotion Technology: The newly developed Superstar Pass System uses motion capture data to create the ability for players to accelerate, decelerate and make “monster” passes with more accuracy, and in real-time.

Pace Adaption: Players that are pressured by the defender will be forced to accelerate their sprint speed to gain precious seconds of field time.

New Visuals: Visual and lighting effects have been improved on the pitch, with new textures, player heads, ball and ball physics, down to the grass on the pitch.

New Artificial Intelligence: AI-controlled players


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Every Corner, Every Shot, Every Tackle – The technology powering the new ball physics system in FIFA delivers more erratic locomotion. The ball follows a new path, twisting and turning when players strike or are blocked, challenging the way you move the ball and play.
  • Six New Ways to Attack and Make History – Strategic set pieces provide a significant change to the game, as either goalkeeper or midfielders will get the chance to score a goal through a strategic angle.
  • State of Play – Quickly review the tactics, line-ups, injuries or create your own XI to see if they could lead your team to victory.


Fifa 22 [Latest] 2022

EA SPORTS FIFA is the best football game in the world. It’s the #1 choice of millions of fans around the world, winning a staggering total of over 100 Game of the Year awards and selling over 85 million copies worldwide.

The path to the FIFA throne has been blazed by a devoted community, with passionate fans creating a vibrant esports community.

FIFA remains the best football game in the world, providing nothing but authentic football action. The only football game that truly allows you to play your way.

EA SPORTS FIFA has a deep and devoted community, with over 50 million players and counting. The FIFA community consists of people who share their passion for football, helping to grow the game through social networks, forums and other online platforms.

A passion to learn the game, helping to create the best football game in the world – that’s who we are and that’s what we do.

What’s the difference between FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team?

For fans that don’t mind paying extra, EA Sports FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team offer different ways to play and earn experience in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The difference lies in the experience gained from using real money to acquire real FUT cards.

As you collect FUT cards in FIFA Ultimate Team you will gain levels, improve your card attributes and learn new skills that boost your FIFA rating.

Every card that you earn in FIFA Ultimate Team is assigned to your FIFA Ultimate Team account.

When you use a microtransaction it’s not like purchasing a pack of cards that you can use in-game.

Every microtransaction that you purchase in FIFA Ultimate Team is a permanent item. It will remain in your FUT account and you cannot delete them.

You cannot sell any of the items, but you can trade them with other members of the community.

If you earn enough FUT points playing Ultimate Team you can use them to unlock FIFA Ultimate Team packs. FIFA Ultimate Team packs contain FIFA Ultimate Team cards.

When you open a pack, you will receive the FIFA card you are after – but in addition you’ll also be awarded with the other FIFA cards in the pack.

FIFA Ultimate Team packs may contain Tier 1 cards, Tier 2 cards or even special rare cards that may be worth more than their face value.

FIFA Ultimate Team may be a paid service, but it’s no longer a requirement to


Fifa 22 Activator Download

Brilliant new cards and dynamic new gameplay innovations have been introduced to the Ultimate Team concept, allowing players to earn and activate FUT ‘mastercards’. Players can earn cards in FUT by playing matches and completing FUT Challenges, or they can purchase packs of cards from Cards offer completely new gameplay possibilities, and unlock even more items and rewards for clubs and players.

FUT Champions

This mode is a new addition to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Compete against players in other leagues in online tournaments, play the Game of the Year – 2018 – in its entirety, or even create a real life team based on the all-new FIFA Identity Cards. There’s a huge variety of events and leagues you can play, all themed around the FIFA competitions of the year.

FIFA Ultimate Pro

FIFA Ultimate Team Pro (FUT Pro) is a new way for players to improve their game. Create a custom squad, and then use the coaching system to maximise player performance. With over 550 player cards, FUT Pro offers an experience like no other, with new playing styles, new special cards, and a range of competitions to play in. It all adds up to one of the greatest football experiences ever.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile has relaunched and is now available on the AppStore & Google Play. FIFA Mobile is a soccer RPG that brings the joy of the beautiful game and the franchise to any mobile device, no matter what format it is. You can choose from more than 500 official players, customise your team, compete in real matches against hundreds of thousands of other players, and climb the ranks.

In this update, the FIFA menus have been redesigned to give users a simple and interactive interface to access the various different features of FIFA.

There are two new exclusive titles to celebrate the FIFA World Cup™ and this update. FIFA ‘World Cup’ Mode is available as an in-game bonus for the first time. This gives you the chance to experience the tournament of your dreams as a manager, including the chance to make your own edition of the famous World Cup Trophy. And FIFA ‘Goal Glance’ is a hidden extra which allows the ball to react differently when it is close to the goal, and whenever it is hit.

Totally redesigned in FIFA 20, the amazing new AI


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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